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What Harry Potter character. Are you. Sometimes one person will pass their phone around and everyone takes the quizzes on the same device and so I try to talk to her about really nerdy things like well. You know if you're signed in as you and you're filling out that survey then it's possible. They're collecting data on you and then if you hand the phone to your friend and they fill out stuff a searching for stuff type stuff in then those databases recorded rated as you. So do you want that you know. How do I care about privacy? And how do I care about whether my my survey about which which Harry Potter character I am is being recorded by Cambridge Analytical are where they're gonNA look all the harmonies and all her. My unease are going to vote for so and so that's the other thing about digital citizenship to borrow a term that these monitoring companies use privacy. Experts have a lot of concerns when it comes to how apps like bark and Gaggle store the data they collect and for how long again. Here's Johnny Gephardt with the EFF. Are they collecting it and keeping it until you graduate or are no longer in the school system like okay. What happens then is it actually deleted and thrown into a volcano off the face of the Earth very technologically difficult to do right secure? Deletion is a very difficult problem problem. And if not that okay is it aggregated. Is it an itemized. Another really hard thing to do to effectively anonymous data sets we can expect a data set at bark mark or Gaggle Perhaps to be leaked we can also expect it to be shared somewhere down the line. That's the thing that we have to prepare for right. Even if the current leadership of the company says they'll never do that they could be sold for even if we trust the holder of this data. Right now we might not trust the person in charge of it tomorrow. And then let's say our anonymised aggregated data to say is shared and all of a sudden it becomes much easier to denies it with every headline about a data breach with headline about people demonizing Census Data Ada. It becomes more and more concrete people. This is something we need to think about. Even if it's not actively happening right now there is a high likelihood that it will look at the business this model and is that business model in the interest of your children and their safety Are there ways at that. Business Model could corrupt a service that you might like entrust today how. How could that change in the future? Right great can you imagine advertising playing enrollment. Can you imagine certain types of data sharing whether with other companies or with the government. There are a lot of ways that even if and it's a big if even if you trust and value a service right now that it could change in a big way in the future I mean look the erosion of facebook's privacy policy over the past ten years the need for overall consumer we're educated about privacy and online security is. Why at a lot of Adam dodgers trainings? He recommends that families sit down and tackle this stuff together. He says. Start googling yourself and putting your email address into have I been shown dot com to check whether it's been exposed in a data breach then drill down into setting up strong passwords getting a password password manager and enabling two factor authentication. Those steps established a baseline for trickier ongoing conversations. Again tell parents hey. Don't put these these tracking APPS or these monitoring APPs on your kids devices but we can say is look you should really be having conversations about the reasoning behind that. Because I feel like if you're just putting tracking APP on a phone and saying hey this is normal and this is normal behavior in this is healthy behavior. Then they're gonNA grow up thinking that and if they decide to use that in a way that's not healthy they might have a real tough time delineating between the positive negatives of a decision like that. There isn't a parenting APP. Remember Monitoring Monitoring APPs but there isn't a parenting APM. I think knowing the difference is really important and really having conversations about consent privacy expectations with How that technology is going to be used as so powerful because not only does it affect the relationship between parent and their child but you're also setting an example all for how they should treat others moving forward and how they should treat their partners or their kids in the future someday and I think I think that's incredibly powerful? We shouldn't mistake this as a technology issue. We should see this for what it is. which is a human relationships issue? It's a parenting issue. I was in high school when the Columbine shooting took place and I'm not old enough to have a daughter who is the age of the children who were killed in Sandy Hook. I don't know how to address depression and bullying and mass mass shootings and white nationalism. And all these extra central threats to my child and her classmates but also know that for me personally. I'm not going to find the answer and an APP made by venture backed company. Jenny Gephardt from the F. F. for her part things. We should look to kids for ideas. If there is a silver aligning to this pervasive surveillance. Panopticon that we are putting our students and I say that with a big if if there is a silver lining is that is going to give students a chance to realize that they. They can control their own technology that they can circumvent surveillance and censorship. That's imposed on them. It could be that same lightbulb moment that I had in middle school trying to get to my space. Uh on a much larger scale so I think there's at least in an educational moment both for students and for parents. There's all sorts of ways right. Every family is different. Every parent is going to have different fears and priorities but across the board they need more information bark and gaggle are not going to give them the facts they need and increasingly schools. Aren't either. I think parents should not be expected indigo yet. Computer Science degrees in law degrees so that they can read through all these privacy policies and look through all this settings themselves. The goal of keeping students safe is one that we absolutely all agree on by these kind of privacy. Invasions that affect really your sense of self affect your ability to learn affect how safe psychologically you feel at school and at home that it has to be considered to what we could be. Teaching children is not to succumb to their technological overlords but how to make them better certainly we all agree right in this moment. Omen of Tech Lash against big tech and this lack of faith in technology's role in our lives that perhaps the next generation is very well positioned to make that better and improve.

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