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But we just we just did what we had to do and on the weekends because we lived in, you know, Miami Beach on the weekends we, we would gather well, not every I mean on a Sunday for sure. But sometimes Saturdays we were both working and we would pile the kids in to. I remember I had a red VW. We tied the boat on the back of the car and it has sun roof. So the water skis went up through the sun roof, and this was before they were car seats or anything like that. So the baby was on my lap and the front. See the two kids were in the back with the skis up through the sun roof. And in the truck in the in the boat were the was the drinks and the sandwich. And the. Slept together and somehow it all worked in when we got to where we were going. We dismantled everything put up a. We had a play in there too. So we have been and the and the skis so we we blotted through, but we got there. So you decided to target working moms as your ideal audience, but. Why aren't you offering this to all mothers would want to improve their skills at errand of EC? That question is something that I've asked myself a few times and here's the secret. Any mother who was not a working mother yet by the way which mothers don't work. I mean, you know, I'm not talking at a job, but we all work in actually all over work. But let's say the mothers that aren't yet officially in the workplace, whether it is they took some time off to raise their children or they always raise their children in their contemplating this. Now, I'm sure they can gain a lot from this stuff, but the reason my target audience is working moms is for the following reason. First of all, as a working mom, I been working on since I, they, my oldest daughter was born, so I live it. I love it and I understand it working moms have less time are more rushed feel more guilty because if you remember this gal, maybe this would resonate with you. You wherever we are. We most probably think we should could be someplace else. If we're at where we're wearing about the child is sick at home or maybe a baby that's taking its first step and we are at home. We're worried about the emails when answering or some kind of project that we really have to get back to as quickly as possible. So working mothers are juggling in struggling being tugged with the conflict and never feeling that what we do is enough where constantly tired. And that's the reason I felt that my program which is described in the buck besides for my new online program that should be coming out in the next two months has something to offer working mothers. That would be very appreciated. The first thing is that my program teaches a language that we all know it is based on the traffic light, red green and yellow colors and the road signs. So anybody who have across the street or drove a car doesn't have to learn. In a new language, we know to stop on red to go on green and to slow down by yellow. So this isn't another additional language that parents have to learn. We don't have time at we're exhausted as it is. The second thing that's important is that every single and this is really what the Frenchie eight set from any other parenting program that I've ever been in in, you know, if you will, that you can see on Amazon two hundred thousand books on parenting. I can't say I've read all of them, but the ones that I have do not have this next piece of information that I'm sharing with you and your wonderful audience in that is that every single skill in the book that I created and described that can be implemented with our children is just as a victim in the workplace. And in every chapter, I have a specific section sharing and describing with real life examples how to use those same exact parenting skills in the workplace. And what happens is. Is that the minute parents can practice at home and improve the way they feel and behave in the workplace relationships..

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