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Wow! Look forward to reading the book. It's this. We've been talking to Alex Marlow. The title of his book is breaking the news, exposing the establishment media's hidden deals and secret corruption. And, unlike Dr Fauci is book economically. Lot of us are going to be on the move again this summer. So my advice to you is take your ray cons with you. Your wireless earbuds. These are the best wireless ear buds out there. They cost about half the price of other wildest earbuds. They have longer longer a battery life 24 hours. They have great colors, and you know you won't be bothering anyone else. And if you buy him for a significant other father's day is coming up. It's a good father's Day gift. There. It zah good gift for people in your office if you have to spend Time with him, and you don't like their music or their podcast. Whatever whatever you are listening to right now a They come in a range of cool colors and with customizable gel tips included for comfortable in ear fit and Ray Cons are built to go wherever you go with quick and seamless Bluetooth pairing in a compact charging case, and again as I mentioned earlier, the 24 hour battery life you can use it all weekend long and you don't have to worry about recharging it. You could take him to your work. You could take him to your workout. You could take him to the seashore into the lake. Wherever you go. It is a perfect companion for all of your summer actions. I'm gonna listen. This is, um Frank Sinatra. Today I was reading about Nelson Riddle in the Wall Street Journal. His greatest producer. What was he in The Wall Street Journal for this is his 100th birthday. This way he's dead. What it would be a sundress birthday. It's the 100th anniversary of his birth. Let me put it that way. Excuse me. Happy birthday. Nelson Riddle wherever you are. Listen up Ray Cons, offering 15% off all their products for my listeners, And here's what you've got to do to get it Go toe by ray con dot com slash Howie. That's 15% off by Ray conn. Dot com slash our by Ray conn dot com slash Allie. I'm Howie Carr. In Maine, made in Massachusetts and now a resident of the Sunshine State. Howie Carr,.

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