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Fuck you board of decision makers at my company because you gave you. So pete got the glory and the other guy got the gloria my name and get into that guy with the big offender pete ran. The thing was my idea. This is so typical that david brody gets fucked in the ass. You always do music. Because i get my music. That's how screwed. I am because that we've already climaxed now now. I feel like. I should get something like that was like you're right. You're a hundred percent right. Peach done that. I go out your middle management. Can you go to somebody. I can't that's that's up to how it goes goes. Yeah a bad people in in this company. That when i told them the idea ten years ago well they were like regular level management. They are presidents of the company. Now and they didn't give me credit and you know and you can people can relate that are listening to this works but hearing you always great idea. The manager takes him out for it. Here's the best part though. This is. This is a very important vice. Okay because we've seen people in the company do this. Whenever they manage you supposed to manage up managed manage up to the people that you want to suck up to and to because then they will recognize you and then you will be brought up with them into the next level. I don't i know as a manager as to. Here's where brody eighths. I know enough to the sevens and eights and the sevens and eights went to the ten in your everyday role brody. What do you do you manage down because you managed intern program. Those people aren't going to help you get a promotion later in life. So i went. I went i went to i went to a guy who was a seven in the company and a guy who was at eight and a company right by the way the eight is now now a nine and a half an..

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