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They're probably going to get a nice pick out a Robert Quinn, if he has a decent year, and they always got the option of giddy the market themselves, although they tend not to do that once again because the price is going to be drone or they don't wanna pay. But you know, they just have all the action. Yes. Yes. And so what it reminds me of Tom right now. It's like what I'm thinking about is that how you know everyone has talked about this team needs to load up around the young quarterback load up around the young talent. And they were had mentioned yesterday. Like, it was some huge deal that the Cowboys haven't reached any negotiations or even reached out feelers to a more Cooper's camp or Dak Prescott. Can't they're letting some of this stuff play out guys. Even though people tell you there are deadlines here. There are no deadlines right now. Yeah. And that's the other thing is that. You know? Prescott camp in Cooper's camp know that they're trying to sort out the DeMarcus Lawrence deal and once they get his deal done that boob. You know, they're going to open up another ten million or so and cap space, and that what the they can then turn around and start looking at the extensions on Prescott Cooper is one of those rolling deals. They just keep you know, signing rolling. So that the cap hit for right now is is lowered or kept in a minimum. Embattled let's just keep on signing stuff. I mean, it's conceivable with with both Prescott in or that when they get deals done the cap hit is going to be the same. Roughly as what it is right now with all the increased costs pushed into the future. Yes. And you know, I really like everyone says that cap hell is a myth. It's kinda half. True. I mean, you can get yourself into some cap situations. If you pay a lot of guys these long-term guarantees that are going to be, you know, get you in some trouble later on down the road. But the Cowboys are trying to avoid stuff like that. They're trying to pay a lot of the guarantees up front. Get the best part of these guys contracts right now, which is going to lead us to talk about DeMarcus Lawrence. But before we do I want to take a quick break. We'll be right back on the rooms. And the boys podcast. We are back. So before we went to break, we're going to talk about DeMarcus Lawrence. I I just mentioned that the Cowboys got Robert Quinn for a twenty twenty six round pick. No conditional picks. No any like that. They just gave them nothing got him for peanuts and bag of potato chips. You know, like, yeah. And he is a good player. This is a guy that is a former all pro this is the guy that's a former pro bowler. I know it's been a while. But he had a scheme change in with the Rams that sent him packing. And then he has a scheme change with the dolphins that sent him looking for a four three team again. So the Cowboys are hoping that he is going to be a much more consistent presence on that right side. And this is not this is about replacing Randy, Gregory. Yes. In the short term. But this is also about keeping Tyrone Crawford from having all that pressure of being a write in when he's really not that fit. And it's everywhere. One of the Cowboys signings including Quinn trae. But all the free agents on ings looked to be excellent value for the cost. Yes. And they came out Steven Jones came out, Tom. And that's why I wanted to get to here because Steven Jones actually wanted to reiterate the fact that getting Robert Quinn puts more like puts more motivation in their cats to get it done with DeMarcus Lawrence, and he didn't mention that the last time when they were talking about Alan Hearns. He never, you know, mum was the word Dez Bryant until it happened. But he it clear that he wants to get the deal done with DeMarcus Lawrence that this is an addition to not a guy that they look at trying to replace DeMarcus Lawrence because I think that's what everyone is fearful of. Yeah..

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