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On the nda side for the summer of how we thought long and hard how to make this what what's going on with amtrak the work being done trying to make this easy as possible other ninety eight morning peak ally double our trains that go onto penn station eighty three will still be running along with three new trains and motor says they arrive on time we have time slots for each one of the trains are doing japan station and if there's a problem the mta is set up a war room door just things for the following day roger stern 10 10 a jamaica station deb commutes from east rockaway long island to work in seacaucus new jersey she says she has a last resort plan to deal with this from helping to wake up earlier in the morning i drive back at my real backup plan is diving hourly you gotta get to go from east rockaway to seek office well new jersey transit commuters won't be spared for them pain especially those on the morrison essex lines normally enjoy one seed midtown direct ride after seven o'clock this morning those commuters will instead be rerouted to hoboken terminals a train in the next hour you'll be okay but after that forget it many of you will be forced to board the already overcrowded path trains and hoboken or choose bosses the 126 which again is also crowded or ferries which may be less crowded but pretty busy lockett into tent and winds for expanded traffic and transit on the one special coverage of the changes all all morning and all day long only year on new york's only all news station wins news time four fortyfour tent and.

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