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A message from the American Heart Association, the American struck Association and the Ad Council. Labor Department today, releasing new numbers on first time jobless claims. How many more Americans who filed for unemployment this past week Gaby see chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis takes a look. And where we are so far In just the last 14 weeks, 48 million Americans have been laid off from their jobs. And now with those rising number of cove in cases the market is reacting yesterday, the Dow selling off about 700 points. We have just learned that at 1.48 million more Americans have filed first time claims last week, almost a 1,000,000 1/2. Analysts had predicted 1.3 million would be filing New York and its neighboring states in New Jersey and Connecticut, requiring travelers from states where Cove in cases of surging to isolate for 14 days upon entry. President Trump says he'll kick off Independence Day with showy display at Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. He's calling in his comeback campaign. Many Native American activists say that the memorial there is reprehensible to them is Confederate monuments are to black Americans. Carrie Preston ABC News Cuomo News, 1000 FM 97 7 Good morning it's 5 31 Thursday morning, still with some clouds in downtown Seattle, But we're in for a sunny, warm day. Today. It's 59 degrees right now at Sea Tac Airport. I'm Greg her shoulder. Amanda's off this morning and here's what's happening. Fire has broken out in Seattle, They're Eighth Avenue and South Weller. And you're asked to avoid that area. People who live and work there being told to shut their doors and windows to prevent breathing in smoke will keep track of that and let you know how the fight against that fire goes. There are a lot fewer people occupying Seattle's Capitol Hill protest zone this morning after the official Twitter account of the group, says, quote. It's over. One of the six block area remains closed to traffic Rapper Razz Simone telling CNN lot of people going Tio already left. Um You know I have been in there. I just have eyes on the ground and people that are trying to make sure that before save those who remain camped out in that area say they plan to stay there until all of their demands are met. A class action lawsuit filed by business owners and near that protest zone claims by failing to break up the protest sooner. The city of Seattle has enabled and endorsed vandalism and intimidation. The plaintiff's attorney, Patty Eaks, says the business owners are filing suit. Reluctantly the city every opportunity to step in and do the right thing and restore some sort of fullness to the area. Onder frustrated, they haven't The lawsuit filed by a dozen or so businesses seeks unspecified damages. CUOMO NEWS Time, 5 33 The State Health Department did not post any new infection numbers yesterday around the Corona virus. But considering the total up to that point, our state may have now eclipsed 30,000 confirmed cases more from comas. Brian Calvert, the last official number we have is very close to that 29,869. That number has grown a lot over the past several days as infections, Serge Here's County's health director is so concerned he wrote in a blogger that he's worried the state may make them step backwards from phase to to face one. This comes on the eve of a new mandate that everyone were a mask, even if I'm feeling amazing. It is possible that I have a virus dripping out of my nose in my mouth that would put other people at risk. Dr. Chloe Bryson Khan at Harbor View Medical Center, she says the only exception to the mandate that makes sense is not wearing a mask while recreated if we are able to be outside of the distance from other people, so six feet away, But they're saying that it's okay to not wear a mask, but we're outside. Brian Calvert Camo News Governor James Lees mandate to wear masks in public starting tomorrow is getting some pushback from the sheriff in Lewis County. More from comas. Carlene jump. Louis County Sheriff Rob's Naza, standing in the middle of dozens of citizens yesterday, said on a bullhorn Governor Jay Inslee, in his infinite wisdom has decided after 100 days that we should all wear facemasks. Don't be a sheep. In an interview with Cuomo Snows, A said he disagrees with the mask mandate, but clarified he isn't telling people not to wear one just that they won't do anything about it for people who are not. Similar pushback in Pasco. Sergeant Rodrico Pern Ada with Pascoe, Petey want people feeling we're actively out there writing tickets and taking people to jump is that's not case. I don't think that's the government for NATO says People shouldn't go around policing others and telling them to wear a mask if they don't have one. Carleen Johnson. Common is it's 5 34 Here's what's coming up after we check traffic and weather. New trouble for the 7 37 Max. I'm Corwin take a problem that could keep the plane grounded even longer. Time now to check the drive and we get a comb. O traffic update from John Nelson. Well, we're having trouble getting ahold of John Nelson. Let's talk about the weather, then anarcho mo e Koharu forecast with meteorologist Christian Clark. Dry, warm weather is back today.

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