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A 17yearold student is now out of jail the probable cause statement reports sarah lewis a former teacher at landmark high school spanish fort admitted to having intercourse with the male student in her piece in home now in a lot of times i skip over these stories but there's some interesting little details here early in 2017 she was charged with rape of firstdegree felony uh that was later reduced to one count of forcible sexual abuse and um her a public defender advised her to plead guilty according to court documents the the attorney tom means a came across an amended statute in utah code that states if a minor a sixteen or seventeen years old mmm the rape charge can be reduced to unlawful sexual conduct when applied to a person who holds a relationship of special for us such as a feature employees or volunteer so that's in utah law it can be reduced because you're old to consent six that inter seventeen at the following this discovery lewis miss lose charged with thirddegree felony verses first degree rape and that's a wave serious more serious trump legislators have taken the teacher portion out of the equation stephen allred defense attorney was a brisk you ought to news i don't consider this loophole these sixteen or seventeen year olds ju have a choice and they have chosen to engage in this behavior attorney allred believes that change in the law creates balance while county prosecutor strongly believe that anyone under the age of eighteen cannot legally consent to sexual activity and then you have this notion or this this fact of the teacher ms lewis occupying a position of special trust as a teacher they are closing aged defense attorney allred said the so so ms lewis the teachers were very young very close in age to the student they are close in age the behavior between lewis of young man is more understandable then if she had been fifty is it she still in a position of power down i just has said it's i i'm just i think the real i this is the splitting hairs there i don't is the student of a football player i do.

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