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Well, I guess maybe I was inspired by the Super Bowl. I started recording the show with you guys. And I realized this is not what I wanted to talk about. I changed it. The play right in the middle of it. Just seen I now talking and we got here How we got on radio. If you miss the first portion of the show, I could tell you. I am public Enemy number one at my former company. I had a run in with the head of the station him and I never got anywhere together. He talked to me like I was a fool. But nonetheless, uh what can I tell you? I Don't have any regrets, although if you're listening to this, I can tell you It's not a good idea to shout out the boss of the company and embarrass him in front of the people who work for him do is I say not as I do. Oh, yeah, exactly. Exactly. That's the lesson for tonight. Don't listen to me In this regard. I could shoot myself in the foot better than anyone, but how to get out it. I knew it just was never work out. I had more patients than anyone. We showed up. Always on time. We did what we needed to do. We had a great working relationship with everyone there. With everyone. I love seeing Joan Hamburg. She was great to talk to Curtis. Leo. I was one of my favorite people in the world. All the engineers. They're all the people we work with. I mean, it seems like every time we shut up, we have new engineer. We're talking about pissed off. How about the time Jesse? You and I showed up to record One of the engineers was a woman and she decided to have dinner while we recorded and we walk into the studio, and the whole thing smells like Salad dressing. I mean, I couldn't take the aroma and she's sitting there and chewing. I'm watching the food in the mouth and we're recording and doing the show. It was just like crazed. You remember that one? You got so angry? Guess what happened. She wasn't eating the next time we were in there. She started bringing Berries. Yeah, well when she found out what I had said, of course, the Hub force. I mean, public enemy number one had so many people that dislike me that But all I did is kept working hard, bringing in great sponsorships of making great shows. But as we went along, you know it became clear that this would never happen for us. I knew this would never happen. One of my favorite stories is we were invited. Joan Hamburg has an event every year, which invites people in this time. Try to remember what hotel it is 200 with listeners. Come, they serve a lunch, they over get invited. But if the pay and they had Who's there yet? They had Bryan Cranston. They had been Stiller. The Rockets were there. Joy Behar was incredible event that occurred to me that why don't we do a fashion event? Why don't we get Macy's in sponsorship with us? Val bring the designers that too exclusive things for them in their store. Sean John, Tommy Hilfiger. Donna Karen, Why don't we invite them in? We'll have the thing. We'll do it at Macy's. They turned it over to the head of production in their head of marketing, and I guess it's three years later. I'm still waiting for the event, but that's not it. Okay. I knew things were not good. I wasn't liked. I tried so much to look aside, all I wanted to do. Get a little respect, but really what we wanted to do. I wanted to be syndicated. I wanted to be in every city in America. Tell me the show wasn't good. Tell me it will never be good, fine. I'll put my tail between my legs. I'll disappear. It's not a vanity project for me. I didn't put in this effort for no return. I did it with a goal in mind. First, I wanted to get on the air that I wanted to do A quality show. Then I want to just see to be proud of what we were doing. Then I wanted to grow the show. We got sponsorships all over the place. We get so much sponsorship money. It doesn't even go on our show goes throughout the whole network. Just people are behind this. They believed in fashion. They believed in us and it was amazing. But as time went on, and you watched the Radio business. I talked earlier about the amount of bankruptcies cumulus was bankrupts. That guilt came from the fact that Everyone's competing to acquire stations somewhere along the way, the more stations you had, the more viable you would be. I'm sure there was synergy and on and on and on and on. But it bankrupted them. They paid a lot of money for each station, and apparently they didn't get the returns involved. But all of them came out of bankruptcy in the working then one day out of the blue We hear a rumor The cumulus media is going to sell W A. B. C. Humus is selling their flagship station, one of the most iconic stations in all of America. They're selling that. What is that about? I could just sell that. Sorry. I was beside myself in Hyde side. I will tell you a story. I was after the fact I asked about it. I kept being told. Listen, don't worry. You're one of the key players here. Forget your relationships. We the people that sell these products. We, the people who put these good side and we really believe in you show this show's going someplace and stay with us and blah, blah, blah. And don't worry. You're gonna make the cut if we sell it. Bring the paper in June. Guy named John Custom in the eighties. He is a billionaire. He is the founder of breast. Edie's is a very impressive guy he decides to buy this station. But when I look at it, they bought it for $12 million If I had any inkling that there was selling that station for $12 billion Have to see you ever walked outside. Our officers said hello to me and told me, you know, Marc, we love you. Don't worry. We may so I would have tried to buy it. Not with my own money. If I'd thrown a few shekels I might have. But you know what? I know Bankers. People are always looking to invest. $12 million is relatively nothing. Now What I don't know is whether or not they were losing money every year or whether we're coming there over him, But they sold their flagship station, and now you know the writing's on the wall. I mean, what was I gonna do? Be it This one station I remember sitting down with those guys. I said, you know what's the future here? You going from 400 stations. Now there's only gonna be one station. It looks amazing. What do you know? How do you know? We're gonna only be one station? And I looked at him and I said, Well, If I understand it correctly. I read the release The June 1 you entered into an agreement for John customer needs to sell it. It's called Red Apple Media. And he has no other radio stations. It's the only one he said. Well, you don't know if they're gonna buy Morris and I don't know. All I know is I'm asking you There's one station you and then we go in there and yes and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. S so I'm looking at this. I'm saying myself. My goodness, what's gonna happen here And now if you're just tuning it, This is Mark Webber and Jesse Weber. We're going to talk about thinking tonight I changed it..

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