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The. Four I am. Brim. And I'm Jake Brims Dad. But some people call me bucks brew. Here's the news. Really silly right now you're real zilly Bram I'd feel silly at all right now this is so hard writing I don't know how to rail letter. I don't want to do this. I everybody today's Friday may twenty, ninth, two, thousand, twenty it's. Day three couples thing is really cool I. Don't know if you've heard of this company, it's GonNa come pottery, but you can like make beautiful urban like like. Like a vase kind of inside the as you can see. Of Worms and use the worms actually eat the your your garbage. Yes. It looks pretty cool. If you don't know composting is this is kind of a great time to do it. You don't need worms, of course, basically somewhere to put you know old pieces of fruit and vegetables and it helps the earth grow. Yes. That's really cool. So. The other day I don't know if you remember we saw this weird stick hut in the woods in. Eagle Rock Reservation, and my dad's are thinking about his brother I didn't even exist any rupert. Yes. Yes. Roberta I haven't done for a long time he moved to California and yes. I. Don't know I was going to write him a letter but you. Know. Forget it. I'm not doing it come on. No, I'm not okay. Lesotho News. So, this is gonNA sound really weird and you might laugh everybody out there but it's true scientists they're looking at our poop. Bram, why do you have to say it like that? Well, it's true. So gut bacteria is these little tiny organisms like they like many many many animals in your body right bacteria and things like that that they're all together in the working him microbiome all without that word before actually or something similar right abiomed a group of animals that works together. So inner bodies, we have each of us has a pound of bacteria that works together to break down food and some. Yes, and so it's like a multi billion dollar business. Now by the way to see how we can use these bacteria to like you know make us be so fat and know how stress things? But here's the weird thing looking at our gut bacteria helper brain's old. That's that's very strange. Yes. So for example, some scientists they think that I'm that's related autism what we talked about long time ago. It's when people like the brain thing differently anxiety his when you're afraid of things you're nervous and Alzheimer's when you forget things. Scientists. Actually looking forward currently drugs for your brain. From from poop really all that's that's that's really strange and it's interesting too because the ancient Greeks. That's what they believe to that. He believed that you got your stomach was related to to your brain. Believe in things could black bile, which is like, can you feel angry a black violin belly. That's we. Do. So make sure everybody in your house under your door. It's you don't have a gap. What do you mean every whereas gap I know but the CDC, right the Center for Disease Control and Prevention yes and prevention, and they're saying that because of Cova nineteen people aren't eating in restaurants so much right. Not so not much food is being made and not much food is being wasted. Oh I see I think I'm getting. So you're saying like the rats the. NEW CD but also rural areas they're not getting like supply of food right now. Right? Exactly. So so because of that the rats are turning against each other turning against each other. Yes. They're. They're like fighting each other and like eating ooh gross this. This is terrible. Yes. So Just. Be careful there saying that the rats are not going to attack people but the rats could. Really different neglect aggressive. Oh, aggressive. Remember about aggressive spiders hurricanes remember the. Doors I love the Rainbow Connection. Brandon I think you're referencing the muppet movie, right? Yes and I'm singing it totally different I don't know why. There's a scientist. As semi camcorder there's all these cool things. And he really wanted to bring rainbows to chocolate. Oh, that's easy. You just take some food coloring. No Dad you don't understand. It's like he found a way to make chocolate shimmer. Looks Beautiful Iridescent. Omaha and it's so easy. All everybody can do it in their house three D.. Printer. Chocolate down to cool it down the Anita calibrated space with exact uniform lines that are parallel with each other at I'm running on this down brand. The sounds rather complex? No, it's super easy. Anybody can do it. You have everything. I don't understand Bram. HOW DOES IT WORK RATE RAINBOW CHOCOLATE DIFFRACTION diffraction. What's Diffraction Bram? Well to fractions when light hits a surface of some kind right like maybe it's Shiny Metal Ashini, something and the light. Scatters. So the effect of of this, this chocolate. Sammy car is. kind of like a CD OECD even how the lines are all around each other and it makes a rainbow exactly those three things to make it happen. You need to have uniform lie through. It's exactly the same they have to be parallel and they have to be spaced. Same Way is the wavelength wavelength. Wade linked. So every color we see has its own length. He talked about stars shifting read before oil right. So so read is longer wavelengths a little line in hair. And Blue. His shorter's every color has its own my. that. That's cool. Bram we. watched. His Nature Video. Last. Night in my favorite part was about the Sea Turtles Raiders leatherback sea. Turtle. had having eggs laying a bunch of eggs and then just going off into the ocean. It was great and did some other stuff but we didn't I didn't really care about that. Exactly. That's that's what I want to tell you about there's a scientist Malcolm. Kennedy and he's studying that very thing like people they don't really care about that moment when the turtles call like walking around like flippant sand around acting crazy with the sand but they think that's Isis I'm doing anyway. Turtles are making decoys a decoy. Yes. Seen Hunter like. Elmer fudd with a rifle going to get something he's GonNa shoot a duck, shoot the duck, but it's not really a duck is a wooden duck. It's made to look like other ducks. Oh. Yes. A decoy. Yes. So some scientists like Mr Malcolm Kennedy he's Professor at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. He thinks that's what the turtles do they go around like, for example, leatherback turtles and hawksbill Turtle Trinidad and Tobago the walk around kind of randomly and they lot of they lay their eggs they make these decoys, these fake nests, other animals like Mongooses, dogs, and wild pigs taken common in, and they basically don't eat their own. Oh. That's cool and even thinks that he's these. Two turtles that are related to each other from. Might, have even done this back in the time. Was it dinosaurs? Danny, think it's time for us to play the game of go game of chess. One of those games brand those games he really hard. No, they can't hard. There's this boy his name is Johnny at me. He's he's He's amazing. Oh. Boy He was homeless for a while Nigerian that terrible group of.

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