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Answers layer upon layer upon layer for every layer that's peeled away i always come back to a conversation i had with georgetti petoskey mary jo's cousin and closest living relative greenwich joe never had those last minutes of marriage owes light no one has ever said to them you know i saw mary jo with party she was happy she was looking forward to doing ex wires see she was you know through ciaston about it or she wasn't or we had a wonderful they never had those last moments of their daughter's life from anybody i met your jet enersen william less summer near their home in lehigh valley pennsylvania georgetta was just two years older than mary jo and they were closest sisters before i got started i wanted to know their concerns and get their blessing i also wanted to find out more about the young woman the world never got a chance to know the one who story was a clips by that of ted kennedy and his political future i learned mary jo was an only child the first in her family to graduate college she was a good swimmer she loved to dance and she left to shop and she loved the brooklyn dodgers she was modest georgetti says you didn't tell a dirty joke around mary jo and she was devoted to ted's brother robert f kennedy she had worked for him for four years even typing his declaration to run for president she had spent weekends at his home in hickory hill and groom close to his kids but everything changed when he was assassinated in the summer of nineteen sixty eight she was.

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