Washington Post, President Trump discussed on Jay Sekulow


Impeachment The Washington Post says house Democrats brace for some defections among moderates on impeachment of the president there there's going to be anywhere from six to more even to come here we're hearing reports of twelve if an impact happens you got to put it into a context here here's a contact someone to put it into his what Jerry Nadler said about eleven months out from an election for president I'd states less than eleven months now take a listen we cannot rely on election to solve our problems with the president threatens the very integrity of that election so I'm trying to think what is he talking about the Russian collusion narrative of that whole election appearance thing proved to be zero zero nothing nothing I I think that they keep getting confused with all of this and that's not even part of the people I mean no it's not I mean if they really thought that this that that was the problem here that they for the pizza was that that the national security of our election process the integrity of our election we were in in the articles in peace for they call the present a threat to our national security I mean that that is just so absurd that's under the the abuse of power section the generic abuse of power which is the Wall Street journal says you could stuff anything you wanted to add to that kind of phrase of yeah but to now say that the very integrity of that election except for that's what the molar investigation was about and I'm sorry but just because you run for president as Joe Biden is doing now because you're or a former high level official I who so was involve us of this corrupt activity this pass you're not you're not immune from instigation you're not immune from the U. S. which has the treaty with Ukraine say to look into it I mean I'm sorry you put it like that folks but it's just the truth you're not above the law because you're running for president you think you think the president's not above the law Joe Biden is not above the law he's not about the watch because he declares I'm running for president states either as a son so here's representative Susie lead sent first to fail from the GOP leaning Nevada districts as I'm still thinking it over this is a very great decision I'm hearing all sides of it it's mixed it's very mixed Terry well I think she's what she does well to think it over and actually to vote on the basis of the facts and there are no facts in support of this whole impeachment effort and I think she should also do well to listen to Jerry Nadler's former statements suggesting that you shouldn't impeach the president unless there's a bipartisan complete consensus and the evidence is overwhelming as opposed to listening to the news now Jerry Nadler the new Jerry Nadler is often confuse buddies rarely in doubt but his statement that the president is a threat to all of our elections makes no sense are there is no evidence that the president is a threat to our election well I think he Nadler is confused I think you could argue based on past history and the I. G.'s report that the F. B. R. in collusion with the DNC perhaps they were a threat to our elections but not president trump you know it's interesting to me then there was I can't remember which congressman said yesterday but one of the congressmen last night said it's not up to our constituents to vote on impeachment it's up to us I don't know we have I'm sure we know that but it was lost we like probably ten o'clock at night but I thought that was a rather ironic statement considering their elected by their constituents to represent their constituents that their own personal agenda well under gonna have to face them again eleven months I mean look you reference is the lien moment ago she's one of the thirty one J. that's gonna have to go to a district that put Donald Trump in the White House supported Donald Trump and then explain her vote on impeachment Jordan mentioned that language about national security here's the other ironic thing people like Susie Lee they're gonna have to go to the floor and vote on impeachment and in the same week.

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