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Hundred thirty eight thousand nine hundred one dollars and fifty seven cents each player who gets it g o at disneyland garrahy as according to major league baseball the lanver largest a bonus ever paid out the previous record was held by that 2014 san francisco giants they paid players three hundred ninety two thousand dollars each the dodgers now they lost the world series you know they went really far ranga they're still getting a bonus of nearly two hundred sixty thousand dollars i mean hey he went to say minnesota twins you guys because the twins however far they got i don't know i didn't pay attention they each get a bonus of eighteen thousand dollars that's great twins player at starbucks i ask for them to pay for it exactly not say no to eighteen thousand dollars are you kidding me i wouldn't say noda atp lina either said yesterday i'll take a little bit of that cake and i will and i'll backyard going okay chris jenner says that her daughters pregnancies are like a faucet that won't turn off i don't even care ellen metaph again it's just an odd thing coming from someone who has six children like yeah you set the precedent you have tons of children right i mean i don't i don't get that many what what like that's a newsflash happy for them have some more children ida your whatever makes you happy does anything make christian jenner happy besides money money exactly money money money well when we come back he have the chance to win money but you will have the.

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