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The transforming happened in 2010 with a huge flop noone watched it after that i was like okay i'm done with lake reality television that's never what i wanted to do any way i'm an actress i'm bound an incredible studio called the studio in new york on those run by brac calcaterra and he started a class called an act out that he designed specifically for lgbt q actors and that class changed my life it was really a huge part of the healing process from my trauma is still something i'm working on asylum i was near nongoma healing rolling as day in therapy on but that class changed my life asserted that class in a bottle of 2010 and in the next year a book ch a movie called musical chairs and that i do know in an independent don't call karlin film called grand street and then i didn't film call the exhibition est man than a short film called migraine and then another independent gumchol 36 saint so i work delauney in 2011 all independent films you know didn't get paid a lot but ahead still have my restaurant job as working lucky chang's in making a decent living and then in i think my last movie wrapped in my knocked october and the restaurant was released low and by february i didn't have money for rent in a gun in nother eviction notice and was in housing court and luckily i didn't get evicted the set up in a payment plan to this 2012 and by may of 2012 my birthdays in may i was like i hadn't boots anything and like it's like six months and i with lake goal at bryant we started writing down five things i'm grateful foreign five innings manifesting at the beginning of um 2012 zik i wanna have recurrent ruined it to be show that was my goal for the year to shifted deng doing all this independent film work.

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