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The extra cash and that happens 99% of the time with Orchard Learn how and get a free offer at Orchard dot com That's Orchard dot com 9 38 Carlos Ramirez now on the traffic center Thank you so very much looks like the accident seen that we had a new cardinal drive It still causing a little bit of a delay here on the west outside of cardinal just as you make away past the I 95 overpass York mostly going to see delays traffic is being diverted by or rather detoured by police officials so just follow police direction you should be able to maneuver around it without too much of a headache I was wearing 95 looks good I did mention that we have at least three separate accidents scenes along 95 between two 34 and one 23 I just keep that in mind of course mostly fender bender all over on the shoulders but what that does tell me of course is that the slick roads are definitely affecting drivers right now Remember to mind that breaking distance Interlobar they're still out there looking for the accident seen near one 23 That's on the interlude the beltway so soon after route 7 be ready to see some flashing lights They have not reported which lanes are blocked and I don't have them in camera just yet but if you happen to be on the roadways and you can contact me safely one 8 6 6 three O four WTF is the traffic tip line in case you do see any lanes blocked along the interlude with the beltway or just about anywhere wherever you're driving If you see something in your way that's actually blocking something please let us know In Maryland all things look good on two 70 and 95 Carlos Ramirez WTF traffic Carlos thank you Now your storm team four 40 forecast Here's NBC four's Matt ridder Scattered showers and sprinkles this evening turning into a steady light rain and drizzle overnight with some patchy fog forming.

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