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Knowing this would never do. I tried to hold it but in a bit but that that. But then i went and you know what it was fine the whole thing. I came back when i landed. I actually felt great because he didn't like you know because usually on these flights when you're up there you know it's like open bar so you'll have to three cocktails and then probably by the time you land like oh allies like can i go to bed. Yeah it was like. I had you know gerbil droplets of water and i landed and i felt like you know spring chicken i was like. Hey let's go what's up with higher so now you know what it's like to just be a normal person i love. This wouldn't go that far. I my my return. Trip is back there too. And so i. I think i can do this. I think i was fine. It was just like. I don't know i was worried about. It had majoring zaidi but everyone who is in the same boat plane. But you understand that you are. Put me in coach and literally coach. I'm marina fly. Don't don't think too much back in jail. Okay here's the deal so. Cj oh now c. J. has a big announcement to make nicole boyer Almost trying to sex called and we have the news. We're gonna start with the news. We come back. it's a recap of everything that's happened in the past month on straight. Talk sarah sanchez from the lesson. Seven news networks scott report. We'll be right back. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. And i bet it can be a lot of work we know it's not a lot of work bundling policies with gyco thank. Oh makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance right along with your auto policy and it's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around the house so go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could be saving. It's gyco easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's gyco ge. I see oh geiko dot com now back to straight talk with ross math. Ya'll's mankind thing. Guess what oh to kid nikki can you. Can you have the tin foil. We need to put on the antenna. So i get the news. I always i had a little tv by restore. I wrote my first book. And i had tin foil on the antenna so i get cave. Yo s. twelve. Which was the vancouver station that played saved by the bell. Well now i. I the i. The tinfoil works because the signal so strong. We're getting the less than seven news network. Here's sarah sanjay's news correspondent sara sanchez. And here's what's happened this past month. I'm street talk with ross. Mathews the reviews are in. I couldn't even get through five minutes because it was so stupid and infantile painful. How do you think we feel the elusive new listener. Thank you for listening offices of leprechaun skid mark and fashion astrologer of kim from peres r. A. okay on the show. A relieved can continue my legacy and mark day in new kiss kiss club tear for one dollar a month. You can get access to all the old shows as we put them. Teeter totter wows for prize or judy garland or whatever. The actually. Judy garland the day that she hated her. Toenails ruby red. Today judy garland went to the dentist but really she's not spider host the first annual and final straight talk with ross spelling bee. Who when you ask w. h. o. c. a. r. e. s. t. j. What can i do to get you into this condo. That i have today. Can i get some breath control for a year well. There's three homeless people in there that i have to kick out. I but does come with an end table. Eileen co keller williams makes her big day button a slang and cheap desert condos while listener bribe is peddling cruise tickets. Will there be buffets will there be. Cj yoki organized a bait party caftans by costa reality parkson jar anew mtv show in the show that cannot be named construction and moving and yet he still finds time to visit malone down at yonder. Miriam darling angulo to this. He comes out and he's like. I can't believe what just happened to me. So i was shooting the water up my whole and it was feeling weird and then all of a sudden out of the blue the biggest pu shot out of my butthole that making noise when it hit the toilet. Yes it was a thought like this. I'm juicy news correspondent sara sanchez. Happy pride month back to you. Ross thank you so much. Sarah sanchez cornered by that. Thank you if you wanna follow such as you can sarah sanchez. nbc on instagram know. H no his time for it hey. Cj we have a big announcement you know. Nikki and i both have a relocated to the desert out palm springs. Nikola kiki way nikki. You got a bunch of furniture you from from me this week. And and how's it looking report on your place. Oh my love you. It looks great. I'm so grateful to all the people that have given me things right. Like i just drove run into u-haul and pick shit up Malone gave me things. I was just lovely and drove on down there and i have to stay on my drive down there. I listened to the last two episodes of the podcasts. That i wasn't a part of an eye. We have a really good show. That we do here are show. Oh i've never listened sort of as just a person in the like. I just put it on and listen and i think we do you know it's not terrible. Turns out terrible. Try go by fast. I felt like i get him. Oh this is what. The straight talkers mean. They feel like they're in the car with their. I'm laughing i'm going. i'm gagging. I'm doing everything i do. When i'm on the podcast. I have to say i kinda got a bird's eye view of what it feels like to be a straight talker. So yeah you know. The street talkers especially people. Because they care about us in our lives and we care about them And we when big things happen airlines. We like to update them. dj ladies..

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