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Round two. Where is it going to be oriented Sweden around two or skipping around too and actually go directly to Mexico? What am I talking about snow? Do we have an answering. Do we need any in Sweden. This is the Glenn also saying that guy is the CEO of rally Sweden and and he said to me that essentially snow is not an absolute necessity for the stages. It's good for the pictures. Of course it is and you know a winter rally with with snow is a definite winter rally without snow is it not just essentially the pictures not just rally. Gb kind of pictures or a wet thousand lakes eggs or something. I don't know we don't need the snow. According to what we do need one hundred percent is very very very cold icy roads. We need the is that there is will give the studs something to grip onto and it will potentially stop the roads being shredded by those those studs on the car is this perennial question isn't it. Is You know is waiting to happen. We get tired of asking the question but you know. Imagine Agean. How Sweden organizers failed? You know they their face to this every year and it is. It's a bit of a nightmare for them and the answer is always talking about. Yeah go off offer go. Further North Korea maybe skip Sweden go straight to the Arctic rally which have fabulous conditions. Weeks ago it's not that easy it's really not you know. There's a place called oray in in the north of Sweden where we could probably even go back to the frozen to the frozen lake stages but the trouble is anywhere that's got some hills Elsa undulations some snow north in Sweden. It's called a ski resort and we much as we want to go in there and take over all the hotels the hotels details full anyway. You know there's not the space for us to go there. It's not that simple. You know there are areas office and all of these places we. I should put our faith in the fact that people Glenn Olsen and the Rally Sweden organizers are investigating and looking and if not then they should lose their end of the championship but I know for a fact they are witold via decision affirmed decision one way or the other by Monday. We're told that there is snow coming to Sweden with told the temperatures are dropping Willa temperatures. Drop enough. I don't know who knows The minute we are absolutely in the hands of God's we just don't know so let's say it will be a huge shame if we don't get to go to Sweden one of my favorite events but it would be a very very different rally without any snow. You know the remember sixteen. Obviously we got there and the weather held held a gun today. Events head through throughout Out The ricky and eventually we just about made it to some stages but it just wasn't ideal not by any stretch on. I think it will compromise job if we run without any snow. It'll look And much is I genuinely hate to say it could potentially actually be the end of the event. I don't know we have to say it's difficult future and I genuinely fail. For for the organizers of the event. It's it's it's a tricky on because particularly you know when we get the right conditions there is nowhere better than Sweden to to watch around. It is quite magical to see these cars absolutely flat out in sixty balancing the knife edge on those skinny ties. And it's amazing and the whole experience is fabulous. So let's see let's cross our fingers and hope that the weather gods deliver forest. Actually they're probably time just for one piece of news for me. I as you may have redden in my column in Motorsport News and all to export I'm leaving This is the the final gravel notes and my my last week with with Motorsport Network It's it's been a very difficult decision to make And I just failed. You know quite right now. I'm ready for a for a new challenge. I'm not going to go on for long hair. I'm hardly johnnym leaving today. Program I it's just an opportunity to say a huge thank hugh to all the people who have read Mein. Nonsense down is twenty three and a half years and I've been absolutely privileged To work with some some great people at Tisdale Haymarket and Motorsport Network and autism. What media it's been? It's been an absolute blast. And you know from the day that I walked into stand at house in September nineteen ninety-six absolutely lived the dream of this job. It's it's been quite extraordinary meeting heroes. You know a lot of people talk about. You should never meet heroes. Forget it always meet your Heroes Heroes Because for me Colin McRae Richard Burns collar sites. These guys have one hundred percent lived up to my expectations. You know it was a genuine privilege to to sit alongside Colin McRae on tests get drunk with him afterwards and you know and the same with Burns and these are moments events that I will never forget this job with bought me into contact with the most amazing people and I will miss it all and you know I Even a Monday press day. Those stinking stinking horrible Monday pressed as I will. Maybe I wouldn't miss those Actually I will you know. There's a huge cameraderie at all to explore and and on on an obviously it's changed down is you know there's there's probably less office cricket played Now the northern we're at t's down at Standard House But yeah it's it's still all about the people and there's some great people you know from from when I started people marks Curious Lawrence Foster amazing raising editors you know people are. I looked up to for an awfully long time. Just gave me that the most amazing halpern a great start. And as I walk out through the door no I leave. Turner in charge of autosport and Matt. James Judge both amazing fellows and you know these both titles are in very very safe hands. so. Yeah Yeah I think I made this decision a few months ago. I said I wasn't going to go on a now. Listen to go on and on. I made the decision of a few humans ago and for me. It was the right one. I had a huge wobble on Christmas morning. Selena when when my my son Oliver bought me a the copy of motoring news from from the weekend was born in seventy two and when I rap that too it was was just incredible and I just Kinda then thought wow you know I have been so fortunate to be part of a great institution you know Motoring News as I I. I walked in through the door and as I read it from a child you know. My father competed in rallying for an awful lot years and motoring users at the center of our household And I know it gave mom and dad gives my mother you know unfortunately dance not with us But it gives my mom still a huge of pride. She's not a big motor sport. Fan but not to have seen me grow Inter Inter job and into the role and everything. It's it's been good for her and you.

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