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That's difficult to come up with. So i think the most those cases are just unbelievably fascinating and i love. I think it's a great way to end the series because they're so sort of concrete in solid in there you know in the way they've been investigated the two cases that we talk about. Especially so yeah. Why don't you would agree but there. It's very hard to explain how this in any other way. Really unless you wanted to say they had some kind of psychic perception of this past of this person. Then why would that happen with. Just one person in nothing else you know if they were having cited perceptions are psychic to telepathic or clairvoyant connections to some previous life of so many lived forty years ago who had no relationship to them or their family is completely unrelated. Why would they only have that. And no other perceptions of that type for about anything else ever just this one life and those children were positive that they were those people. I mean. that's what they said and they would have nightmares about how they died and they would have memories of things they learned in that life and they would they would play act things from the previous life of that made no sense in the current life. It was more than just memories. It's a whole a whole a pattern of behaviors and dreams and knowledge that they had all kinds of things combined to create the the experience of them. Having had this remembering this life in the past and then they will often go back to some location from the where they remembered living in the past or they will meet a previous member of the family from the past or something will happen. That will be kind of closing for them and allows them to kind of move on from it because You know it's very important for these children to be able to live in their present life and they it's haunting for them and it's difficult for the parents and so there's usually some kind of a moment like that. That happens where. There's a cathartic kind of release of it and they are able to move on and that's another kind of pattern that you see these cases very very very moving to see and read about so and there are volumes of studies of these cases that were produced by the university of virginia No there's just a of great scientific studies have been done on these cases though really interesting to me that there's.

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