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I get that Amazon bookmark link going, of course, shout out to the presenting sponsor by bookies G and get some merch man the merge pages is popping off. We got we got a little bit of everything we got the sports gambling podcasts. Hoodie the t shirt. The college experience hoodie the baby effing wail hoodie. And the inside Vegas t-shirt. They got it all to check them out over at sports gaming podcast dot com slash merch for the sports giving back as I'm Sean stack in the money green. Oh, and Ryan I forgot to plug. My. ESPN plus appeared. Normally such a good self her. But yeah, we'll be I appeared today. If you're listening to this on Thursday got late night west coast, but you can still get an get it online to wear a hat. I that's not clear, but I may I may in Packers struck the feedback. Yeah. Well, you think the backwards hat looks good. Yeah. I I want to. Yeah. I think you should try out backwards hat. All right. Maybe I'll try backwards hat. I want you to be like a force. Know, I don't feel like you were a force. Okay. Thank you Ryan for your feedback hit. What's so close? You know, it's it's so intimate. I just think there's a lot. There's a lot going on. Okay. I will take your constructive criticism. I will possibly wear a backwards at next time. Maybe one of your brand new Sixers hats, okay with our maybe an eagles at. I appreciate all this feedback view on a shit on the giants. What's wrong with you wanna give me some feedback? You can check out. I'll take that bet. Available on ESPN plus presented by the action network. Just Google it. You can find it or so here's the thing. Sean. Yeah. Christian pena? He tweets out this one of these congratulatory tweet. Yes. I saw that. And now, I'm like, what am I supposed to do this? This is on you. Why no Christian Pena is is good at the social media thing. I know that I am not good at the social media thing. So makes me wonder if I'm supposed to write some poem or something so did share pretty she ate it. Stay tuned for that. Okay. I'll stay tuned for Ryan's poetry you guys. Stay tuned for awesome podcast in content. All available over at sports gambling, podcasts dot com. Fourth sports gaming podcast. Thank you for participating in the Spurs game. And guess I am Sean stack in the money green. And he has Ryan Sean the giants will absolutely win more than six games next year. Kramer, let it or add.

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