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And food pantries to eat especially during the summer months when school is out the folks over at Food Bank for New York City want you to know that unlike school hunger doesn't take a break help them. I'm an child hunger by providing meals to families and children in need during this challenging summer months visit foodbank. NYC DOT ORG to learn how you can volunteer spread the word and and more hi bomb squad your listening adding to Radio Cherry bomb the number one female focused food podcast in the universe. I'm your host Kerry diamond. Let's thank today sponsors Lu Cordon Bleu Lou culinary schools and traeger wood fired grills. You folks are the bomb. Thank you so much to everyone who came to our food for thought event in Asheville North Carolina this this past weekend you can probably hear my voice that I lost my voice a little at least longtime listeners you probably can too much excitement. It was wonderful meeting so many of you and hearing from amazing guests like chefs Katie Button Chidi Kumar and Ashley Shanty. We'll be airing that episode very soon so stay tuned and thank you to the folks at carry gold the maker of beautiful Irish cheese and butter for supporting our tour and Asheville by the way is a very fun place to visit great restaurants so many cool makers and you're surrounded by the most beautiful mountains and scenery. You should plan a visit our next big event is jubilee Seattle. We've got a great lineup planned for you. Including Chefs Rene Ericsson mckinney Howell and Rachel Yang talk about supergroup Alison Roman is flying in all all the way from New York City and we'll have lots of local luminaries there including Linda Eder Shang an Errand Goyo Alga. We'll have lots of food and drink and great panels and talks. We cannot wait to celebrate the Pacific northwest bomb. Squad tickets are on sale now at Cherry Bomb Dot Com and event will be taking place Saturday November second at at Block forty-one speaking of Jubilee for today's show were airing a conversation from jubilee two thousand nineteen in New York City. It's a chat between Dorie Worry Greenspan and Joy Wilson who many of you know and love as joy the baker these powerhouse home bakers have so much wisdom to share when it comes to baked goods careers. There's cookbooks and more introducing them is Christina hough the CO owner and Co founder of macaroni Parlor and meow Parlor right here in New York City Dory just happens to be Christina's mentor. Christina shares her story of how baking changed her life and we couldn't be happier to share it.

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