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When it comes to your everyday interaction with people. The CDC also thinks would be okay for vulnerable individuals to resume public interactions, but with physical distancing People considered low risk would be asked to minimize time spent in crowded environments. And again these air only recommendations. The White House actually wants each state to create its own phases of reopening live coverage of Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards this afternoon at two PM here on W W. L. Three people are dead in Metarie and what appears to be a double murder suicide. Deputies say two people were shot to death. A third overdosed in a home here Jade Avenue near Shirley Street. Today's the first day of school in ST Tammany Parish, a quarter of students going back to classrooms each day the rest of the week to get acclimated. At North Shore, students will attend a combination of online and in person education. A court hearing over the fate of the state's fall election will be held today. The status of the upcoming election plan is in limbo Governor John Bell. Edwards says he would reject the election planned by Secretary of State Kyle Ard one that has the Legislature's backing, Arduin says whatever the result of the hearing, his office needs some kind of plan approved and soon We'll be running a risk of being able to pull off the election the way we under normal circumstances that we're trying to do. Under the current plan, the only Covad 19 related reason for requesting an absentee ballot is if you test positive for the Corona virus during early voting or before Election Day, and where its calls that woefully inadequate for public health No worries how that would impact those ordered.

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