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Real quick I recommend listening to this show on spotify. Regan listen to all of your favorite artists and podcast in one place for free without prima count. Spotify has a huge catalog of podcasts. On every imaginable topic posy can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode. Premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what. You're listening to with your friends on instagram. So if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify APP search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcasts. In the Your Library Tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode of optimal living daily. This is optimal living daily episode. Fifteen eighty how to believe in yourself and boost your self confidence by Brian. Tracy Brian Tracy DOT COM. And I'm just Mollica guy that reads you. Articles or book excerpts every day including holidays for over four years covering personal development or self-help how to live a better life in a lot more. It's always with permission from the authors or websites. Just at these subscribe or follow button in your favorite podcast APP to get up. Sos for free. Today's post being from a super popular writer and Speaker Brian Tracy. So let's get right to it and start optimizing your life how to believe in yourself and boost your self confidence by Brian Tracy of Brian Tracy Dot Com. He ability to believe in yourself can change your life. Just think. What difference would it make in your life if you had an absolutely unshakeable confidence in your ability to achieve you really put your mind to? What would you want and wish and hope for more? Would you dare to dream if.

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