CBS, Julie Chen, State Department discussed on Jay Talking


And fires have torn through dozens of Massachusetts homes somewhere leveled by the blasts others gutted by the flames the area's natural gas lines are suspected to be the. 'cause WBZ TV's Mike lacrosse with more from the scene just north of Boston. But we did speak with lease officers and first responders blocking the roadways and on the scenes worse than with those fires board. They say this is unlike anything they've ever seen before on their time with the department some of these guys have been on the department for ten twenty even longer than that one person was killed one dozen injured a group of Cubans scientists visiting Washington if dismissed the attacks the State Department says injured twenty-six diplomats and their family members in Havana, it's a story CBS news correspondent Steve Dorsey. I broke more than a year ago. The scientists met with the State Department Thursday, but say they're disappointed. The US didn't provide them. With more information about the injuries and symptoms. They say the mild traumatic brain injuries diagnosed in many victims was probably due to pre existing conditions. This reporter was blocked from a news conference hosted by the Cuban embassy, a CBS producer and photojournalist were allowed into the event. Heading to a drive through soon. One fast food chain is trying to be better for the gut. Why castle is joining the health food bandwagon the fast food chain is now serving impossible sliders plant based burger that looks smells and bleed. Like real meet the burger is the creation of Silicon Valley based startup impossible foods, the veggie sliders cost a dollar ninety nine that's CBS's. Diane king hall. She hasn't made any comments since her husband stepped down as CEO of CBS on Sunday. But Julie Chen was back on TV and she decided to use her married name. I'm Julie Chen Moonves good night that from Thursday's live big brother episode. She's not yet been back on her other CBS show, the talk. This is CBS news. WBZ news time three oh three. The Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes. Just getting word of a crash along.

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