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We're live with mister Robert for. All right, dean, the nationals right now three outs away from their first win streak in nearly a month they lead the Dodgers four to one in the bottom of the 9th inning. The top of the inning just ended on a Juan Soto base running error, but before that, he had quite the flex in front of a crowd that might soon be his home crowd. He had a two run triple highlighting a four run 5th inning. He's also got two hits, a walk, and the Dodgers rather potent lineup so far over 8 with runners in scoring position. They're all star Tony Gosselin in line to be dealt his first loss on the mound this season and it's looking like it'll come at the expense of Paolo espinos first win of 2022. We lasted four innings only through 54 pitches, but just gave up one run on four hits. Again, in line for what would be his first win of the season if the Nats can get these last three outs. The Orioles, much like the nationals, a four run 5th inning, days that was sparked by Ryan mount castle's two run single, and it would be a 5 one win over the Tampa Bay Rays and boy out things change. The O's had lost 18 of 19 to the raised last year. This year, Baltimore winners of 6 of the 13 meetings so far still three left in this series at Camden yards, by the way, also in Baltimore, the ravens agreeing to a deal with running back. Corey Clement tried to bolster a position that is without their top two options JK dobbins and Gus Edwards still trying to work their way back from the physically unable to perform list. Rob woodwork WTO sports. All right, thanks, rob as always. One 17 Tuesday

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