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Watch. Go follow David. Great guy, big fan. He's made glider 8 to one. He made favoritism toward the outside with Morello out in post 9 three to one. You have 7 O two for dean's list and Manny Franco and a four to one Rockefeller toward the outside Morello obviously has been very, very impressive in a couple of starts. First time stretching out to a mile, which aqueduct on the outer track is just the one turn, right? Boy, I hope I ride on that before. It's kind of funny that they still at this point are only running a mile. Prep. It feels like it should be longer, but I guess they didn't even run a mile 16th at aqueduct. I don't think they do. So maybe it's just kind of stuck that way. But Morello just been super impressive in those first couple of starts raided in both of them nicely set off. Kind of had, you know, nice in behind trips, but covered a lot of ground last time in the week feel was just much the best. And life is great, not life is good, but life is great, also in here with second that day. But I wanted to mention glider just because we saw this horse at Tampa and was beaten by Emanuel who, as I said earlier in the fountain of youth, I'm really high on, but this was the one we can wear, I thought Tampa's course was somewhat biased. It seemed like the rail was very dead. And horses would start making moves they jumped out of the rail and they'd stop making moves. And I saw a lot of that that weekend renter brothers and I remember talking about it during the car and it's just like, God, horses that look like they're going to rally up the rail and win are just kind of stopping. And glider was chasing inside and Emmanuel stayed out in the three path because I think Emmanuel's writer realized that I think it was Pablo Morales who was writing. Realized that you don't want to be down inside. And so the fact that this one stayed down there lost ground Emanuel late, but still ran pretty good. And interestingly enough, Antonio Gallardo was going to go up and ride for Mark Cassie. In this race, obviously, Antonio based down here at Tampa and I don't know, I'm really excited to see what this horse could do because I thought that was first of all, like I said, I'm banking that emmanuelle is very good. And so that also makes me kind of think that maybe glider is pretty good, but this is a this is a fun prep honestly for you. I feel like the New York prep sometimes feel like they're a little bit short. At least with interest from me just because the aqueduct so many of the top guys are down at Gulfstream. But with Rockefeller coming out here for baffert, Morello, who's been sensational, I mean, even horses like bull journey for Bill Mott, you know, second in the Gander after kind of opening up last time out. I mean, there's just a lot of interesting horses in this race and a lot of upside dean's list perfect two for two for pletcher down at Gulfstream. He's obviously got, you know, he's going to want to spread out his hand a little bit. Ray handel has from another mother too, who is a nice winner last time out against maidens, but handles on fire in aqueduct this meet. 14 for 63, 22%, go ray. I want to say we had rayon 2019. I think I was at Monmouth when we had him on. I mentioned earlier radio days who was coming out of that forward Gallup Gulf Stream, and she is showing up here in the busher, which also a one turn mile race, which the four were gal was as well. And she kind of just got away not great. There's no comment on it. She was just far back in a race where 7 furlongs they were going and honest clip, but the horse up front was just cruising. And she wasn't able to run that one down, but she took a serious run at her. I think this is actually a really good horse. In radio days. And she gets back to New York too. I mean, Gulf Stream is always a little bit peculiar, but she ran perfectly fine. She just didn't catch a loose on the lead horse. Dylan Davis went down there to ride that race. I think he's obviously very high on the horse. They spent a ton of money for radio days. And so it makes sense that the horse would be talented and obviously comes from very, very good connections. Venti Valentine, who was so good behind nest in that demoiselle stakes nest obviously came back to win at Tampa a couple of weeks ago in I should know the race I called the damn thing. What is it called? Holy crap. The sun coast. Boy, don't let my bosses hear that I forgot the name of the sun coast stakes. But validate that race. The sun goes in a top top field. Certainly I don't think some of the talent that venti Valentine would is going to see here. So I don't know how much you like move nest up off that wind. I thought it was very workman like. And we haven't seen venti Valentine. We're still in that phase where, for some of these horses, we're seeing them for the first time as three year olds. Sterling silver was one of the New York prince I was mentioning earlier on in the show as well. I mean, very humble beginnings of $13,000 purchase. One made in special weight state bread and then $100,000 the Franklin square for Trevor McCarthy and Trevor and time albertrani, going to try their luck in the bush here against the open company here. So that is just a quick little preview of so much that's going on. Like I said, we had to skip around a little bit because there's just, there's just too much. I didn't have a chance to look at all of it to be Frank. And we'll certainly try our best to recap as much of it as we can on Monday. That will most likely drip into Tuesday, but big weekends. This is such a great time of the year for, you know, all the Derby lead up oaks lead up like that stuff's all fun, but what comes along with those is good cards and good racing and fountain of youth. I was thinking back my favorite fountain of youth is 2004, the saint Valentine's Day massacre, it was dubbed, which is probably a little bit of an extreme name for a horse race. But it was on Valentine's Day and read the footnotes and 2nd of June, man. They hooked up real early, not early, but early in the drive and they just went ahead and had the whole way down the lane and it was real memorable stretch call. There used to be video of it on YouTube and I looked around and the old video that used to be up there was no longer up there and so you can't seem to. You can't seem to find it so if you can find it out there if you know where to watch the 2004 found of youth watch it because it is a awesome race. But real big thank you to you guys for tuning in this week as always you guys are just the best so appreciate you guys listening to our show. Big thanks to Darren Rogers yesterday Danny Gibson who joined us back on Tuesday. We will have some new guests next week, maybe old guests. I haven't done any booking yet..

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