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Military exercises an hour away from the Ukrainian border Coming up in money news Flashing back to economic good times in 1969 I'm Brendan Hazleton The oldest Not a Joe Conway in the traffic sooner Kyle's starting off in Maryland with an update in beltsville rook tells us about the vehicle fire 95 southbound south of two 12 you're getting by staying to the far left It was quite the conflagration apparently very much of a spectacle They were putting it out now it may already be out We don't have a camera shot on ourselves on it but you're able to get by sting to the left in a notable delay northbound as you're slowing the look at the smoke and all the fire and rescue response on the scene Elsewhere in Montgomery county southbound on three 55 After ridge road the crash from roll over to your Shakespeare boulevard you're under police direction It's complicated there on the intersection had an earlier crash in dawsonville Montgomery county This was on route 28 darnstown road at one O 7 white's ferry road there again under police direction at an earlier closure at that point Into Virginia 95 southbound slowing out of newington toward woodbridge to and across the Aquaman your easy pass lanes run north 66 west the stall was near nutty street blocking the left side of the roadway You were getting by to the right in a notable delay farther east you'll slow briefly as you approach the capitol belly and briefly again approaching the Roosevelt bridge elsewhere on the 95 trip going south volume delays as I mentioned on a newington toward woodbridge in the district three 95 north slow leaving The Pentagon hitting two and across the 14th street bridge into the district three 95 south delays leave the tunnel toward the outbound case We are brought to you by silver diner where patio season has arrived outdoor tensor open in all dining rooms have pure purification systems for the air Silver diner dot com slash safety server diner eat well be well I'm Joe Conway WTO P traffic Not a storm team four and clay Anderson This sporadic rain showers will continue to plague us only till about sunset then the showers will end and the clouds will gradually clear during the overnight For your Sunday morning we'll wake up to more sunshine but cooler temperatures Temperatures will only be in the low 50s which is about 10° below our average.

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