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With over twenty years as your hometown roofing expert. They one final in the books is actually the first of two today. It's a subway series double dip. So they're sixteen games on the docket game. One in the books in the Bronx. The Yankees all over the Mets by twelve five your final score. Other games of note tonight. Arizona's in Philadelphia what do they do for an encore last night? Thirteen home runs between the two teams combined now. I love the home run as much as anybody else. But tell me it's not kind of Mickey Mouse in a day. Ager the ball is clearly juiced that there's now thirteen home runs being hidden a gate Arizona hit three home runs back to back to back in one sequence. They hit eight on the night, the Phillies hit five on the night Jay Bruce Homer to that game. The thirteen homers is one away from the major league record set in nineteen ninety-five tied in two thousand and two I do believe, oh, by the way, Arizona won that game thirteen to eight the final score. Other games of notes. Saint Louis is in Miami tonight games involving ino- central division teams. The Marlins have lost five in a row. Pittsburgh is in Atlanta Milwaukee is at a Houston tonight in of note, the reds have spent the last fifty seven days in last place in the National League central if they win tonight and the pirates were to lose to the Braves. The reds would move into sole possession of fourth play baby steps, you can't get the first place unless you clear last place. They've got a chance tonight, declare last place the last time they were. Not in last can I say last any more was April fourteenth when they stood five and nine. If you're wondering, I as I was last year, they spent all of two days in last place. They were in fourth on March thirtieth and thirty first all other days of the season they resided in last place in the NFL central to begin the night. The brewers hold first place. The cubs are a half game back. Kernels are five games back pirates are seven and a half and the reds are eight games back..

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