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Be obviously Klay Thompson s Steph curry stepped up combined, if a three threes to go on a nine run to become a one three to ninety seven deficit with three twenty eight left, but I think the most compelling component that Toronto Raptors who seemed to be able to put up whatever they want to wet the last three twenty eight with just two point three twenty eight left. You go up one zero three ninety seven after pull up Jay from let it, what happens twenty three seconds later, Nick nurse who we've been raving about throughout the postseason subtlety has brain lock or what the hell what I don't know why the time out the teeth timeout, Toronto, you don't need to call a timeout at that particular moment of time you see that you're off at the slow, you're taking advantage of Golden State. They seem gas. They seem down. It seemed like Toronto was a bit too physical for them. And while out to basically have a coronation inside. Scotiabank Arita, and all of a sudden you call a timeout. You give Golden State a reason arrest to catch their breath to get a reprieve from your own yet law. Klay Thompson three curry hits. Three klay. Thompson comes back three four. You had a chance to sit up in express a word you went down three points to me, that was a key pivotal point. But titular when you consider the fact that Nick once again, obviously a fantastic coach who's done a fantastic job throughout the suppose. Inexplicably calls a time out and disrupts as teams rhythm. Kawhi Leonard twenty six points, twelve rebounds, six of cysts had that stretch in the fourth quarter where he scored or assisted on fourteen consecutive points. Kyle Lowry missed a potential game winning three pointer. Is time expired Draymond green getting a hand on it and the warriors survive with the one point victory raptor. Still lead the series three to game. Six coming up Thursday at oracle. It'll be the last game at oracle. You'll hear of course here on ESPN radio. Win for the warriors, but a huge loss. That's next sportscenter allnight ESPN radio..

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