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At upper age limit on service in government. yeah as a as a judge as a legislator as an executive. both states have upper limits on their judges they tend to run in the seventy to seventy five range only in Vermont can you had aids invitee as a judge let's go to Kristin enterprise Alabama good evening Chris. let's go to Kelly in Long Island New York hello Kelly. I'm well thank you and and not all that old. I've been listening to your last. I had this whole thing down what I was saying and I listen to your last call or some kind of like I don't understand I'm a nurse and I do work with geriatric okay so I do feel that there should be a limit. it's hard to kind of a slippery slope there are people that are fifty okay that get the ventral early in the next thirty five they don't have it at all yeah Hey who's to say I have patients that have dementia they could be two years before they actually are showing it to the public that they have it how do you how do you take did in the in the clinical sense how do you detected before a casual observer would detect it. wait wait yeah. on an everyday basis because I I'm with them every day I mean even family even family members they don't even tell a lot of the older elderly don't tell their families at the forgetting things and they're and they're just north of the dark but I could take up to two years it depends on which to match you have there's so many different different people get it right away some people it takes a long time and I don't know if I want somebody call you don't have to mention that if forgetting stuff making decisions well yes you want about the bridge the previous callers a couple of them who suggested that that we not have a flat age limit beyond which you could not serve but a limit beyond which you would have to undergo some periodic testing. what you don't like it don't like all the president have to go through a physical like I know they were making a big deal about trump and about his physical that all my god you know I don't know I don't think that's a Tory limitation I'm not aware that the anywhere it is written that they shall take such an examination there oughta be a but I'm not aware of. you remember they were all saying that he's mentally ill and this and that and you. that's another story the point is being like you know somebody right mechanic couple couple calls ago and you know he likes them in whatever but we can't have brain cancer how do you know what when he really was having issues I mean he's. casual you could see it in his stumbling of words that it was getting worse but who knows how long he had it now they have the you know that help them how do they know the aid of it making the decisions and helping out until the last minute so they have to call this is possible I mean let's face it in the final years of strong Thurman service in the U. S. Senate it was a common knowledge that the strong justice showed up and essentially read what he was told to read off of of five by eight cards that were passed to amend that affectively yeah the chief of staff for senator Thurmond was the acting senior senator from South Carolina for for a good many years but again in the case let's say of a of a became would periodic testing let's say past a certain age suffice. yeah. something like that the problem is mental illness you really don't know how old you really see it and so that's why I'm kind I don't I don't think age limits because they're right I mean we have we have a hundred year old lady in my job that what's around in her senses and there's everything is there she knows what's going on and everything which is a hundred god bless his heart. yeah it's just kind of scary because you know who who's really running the country then well yeah exactly and the judge she spent six years with having cancer and she's been in and out I'm not saying listen I'm not I'm not saying she shouldn't do it you're it what you want to work that one fifty. yeah well I mean I. well made with it's not a case of money most of them enjoy their work but I certainly see what you're saying Kelly I thank you for your special expertise for the question at hand here hours driving through Tennessee tonight and offers a box good evening al. I'm well thank you. see what directions well with like the Medicaid I'm a little nervous about being on the radio but the first one I would like to make is you know I don't believe that an age limit is necessarily. seven four one as we mature we get more intelligent it's just a of fresh we gather information as we go as we grow older. being up to a point yes go ahead. term limits is what I think should be in place there are people that have been in Congress for god knows how long and they just become richer and richer and richer Leslie the last thing I would like to point out is. I don't think we want to give Joe Barton on the stage with Donald Trump. if we do. there's a couple things Mike perhaps happen one journalist Nick torrents for gaps. we're going to keep happening they're gonna keep rolling off the total. and then you know Johnny very made his threat toward don't drop that he wanted to be. international that's right. well I I dare say that we probably don't have that particular spectacle to look forward to al both it. well as a bit of this way it would be interesting instead of a debate will have a steel cage match yes that's the. okay thanks I appreciate your call your Lister ship and the thank you very much one eight six six five oh Jimbo one eight six six five oh five four six two six I was a call from Tom in Sharon Pennsylvania hello Tom. you know first of all it seems to me that Ben Franklin was in his early eighties and still serving his country well Franklin Roosevelt in terms of health conditions quite frankly if people knew about days physical condition just story would have been elected president and now he Norwood John Kennedy well but I'm thinking Roosevelt in particular with the depression and World War two. yeah you know he he was the inspiration they got this country I think for both of us yeah Franklin for the record died at age eighty four in seventeen ninety so he was in his early eighties when the constitution was written so yes serving us as ambassador France I think in his eighties well the Hey it's time is a bad sort of France he was it was a bit younger than that but still vote no spring chicken and the guy was born in that seventeen oh six if not forget that this guy was twenty six years old when George Washington was born. yeah I think about that you know but but but here's the thing you know I I think in terms and and I don't know what kind of shape Jimmy Carter's in right now the last I heard he had defeated the bait brain cancer that he had done. well the point of getting as two things number one technically if you know he could run for president again because only served one term he could I don't think there's a ground swell but yet technically legally. but I will tell you what I used a comparison when people search only about trump you know what I he doesn't look presidential doesn't act presidential you know he's not mild mannered and so forth accounts ice night I stayed home well you know maybe one person Carter back and long lines in the gas range really even on days on the gas stations and the foreign forty four days of the hostages and the double digit inflation that misery index that was there probably not died died there saying that he and Carter at that time was what fifty three. and we have a problems with this Carter had had nothing to do with age no no but what I'm getting at is just that dead dead in terms of its not age its effectiveness and you can't judge affecting the effectiveness I don't think you know that at any age prior to the person getting in here because we don't have any test to give somebody to them to see if they're going to make a good president and by the way to school took on the US Supreme Court yeah I I think there should be limitations of their I I hesitate right now because I'd like I'd like to see that the conservatives have some consumers for either to bring this back from the edge for awhile but then once that happens I'd like to see term limits on on the US Supreme Court yeah I I think that in terms of term limits on the Supreme Court or even on Congress if we ever got an article five convention I think the only way you would ever get term limits through would be is if everyone currently in office were grandfathered in at all new members of the Congress all new the justices were limited by a certain term I think that's the only way that that would that would work we'll take a quick break and as we do so let's check in with our Friday night guest mighty John Marshall of money music dot com. hi this is Maggie John the record guy what rock album spent seven hundred forty one weeks on the chart walked away from fame and fortune living in the cellar his childhood home with no contact with the outside world. what's the album and how much is a copy work find out right after this. are you tired of the nightmare of trading in a market that feels rigged don't you just want to see your account balance grow and not feel so anxious about every single trade well it's time you.

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