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I have no doubt. About judge barrettes, judicial temperament. I have no doubt about her capability to do the job and to do it well. Murkowski's decision makes Senator Susan Collins of Maine, the on Ly Republican senator, expected to vote against Barrett. Susan Davis. NPR NEWS Washington 27th name Storm of the Atlantic season has formed off the coast of Cuba, the National Hurricane Center says. Tropical Storm Zeta, formed overnight for cancers expect the storm to skirt Cuba and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula tomorrow before entering the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday, bringing up to eight inches of rain to parts of the Caribbean as well. A southern Florida through Wednesday This is NPR news. France has recalled its ambassador to Turkey after Turkish president type Puerto want insulted his French counterpart by questioning the mental health of President Emmanuel Macron. Crawling is pledging to crack down on what he calls his llama separatism following the beheading of a civics teacher who had shown students caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed Europe is grappling with a rising number of Corona virus infections, hospitalizations and death rates. From Brussels, Teri Schultz reports that some countries air reimposing nude lock down measures as hospitals worn At intensive care units may soon be overwhelmed. The World Health Organization says the Corona virus pandemic is at a critical juncture and that some countries are on a dangerous track. The Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands are suffering some of the world's worst rates at the moment in response to a request for international assistance from the Czech Republic, EU and NATO have sent ventilators and the prime minister says 28. Doctors from the U. S. National Guard are on their way in Poland. The president has tested positive and new restrictions include the partial closure of primary schools and restaurants. The Netherlands has sent patients to German hospitals as its own, are struggling to manage. French President Amanuma. Khan says he expects to have to live with the virus until at least next summer. For NPR News. I'm Teri Schultz in Brussels in Washington State. More details expected tomorrow on the effort to eradicate the first nest of so called murder. Hornets discovered in the U. S. A team of entomologists and protective gear used a vacuum yesterday to scoop up more properly known as Asian giant Hornets from a cavity of a tree..

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