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The summer especially when the turtles come back on. The spot opens research trip right. Learned the the the the magic of the research ship. And don't forget that if you're thinking about coming to disney's vero beach resort and you do not need to be a disney vacation club member and in fact i highly recommend reach out to our friends over at the i and mouse fan travel. They can help answer any questions that you have make any all of your reservations as well and you can find them over at mouse. Fan travel dot com. And tell them lose at you. But i want to know from you. Our friend who sitting out here look as we watch the sunset over the pool. Just how beautiful that is. i wanna know. Have you ever been to disney's vero beach resort and if so what do you think if you haven't. Is this something that either. You didn't know about as a in under radar as something that you're looking to do and if not you haven't come here why what's holding you back. We're going to have this conversation in the wwf. Clubhouse that is our community on facebook www dot com slash clubhouse you can also let me know by calling voicemail at four zero seven nine hundred nine three nine one. Actually your activities vero beach resort. Call us from the pool area from the beach from the restaurant or from this. If you call this bottle it'd be weird but call me and let me know. Exactly what is it you think. Deanna.

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