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If you're looking for an example of how it should be done that you can look at hong kong in hong kong jockey club in in what they do they provide everything you could imagine workout videos for every horse uh uh you know they're they're vet their vet records for the day in leading up in all the information that you want an adult i mean i get it but i don't get why uh information is such a a quagmire in our game it's it's it's it's a little bit frustrating in this heartening to say the least if you could take a competitive pricing model with other gambling games and you could read a data to allow other types of apt development and computer basically model wing of the data handle the growth to handle would be explosive now i say these things like they're easy and they're not at all but it folks wanna try to envision a future where road racing really regained some of its place in the sporting landscape sporting landscape is about the change dramatically once again and has the racing has the sort of potential to try to go along for the ride as a potentially superior gambling game two sports or it has potential to get left in the dot in their life i'd love to see i'd love to see someone actively pursue i know that we we have a lot of uh a lot of the torch carriers in our sport that want to point out.

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