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The year, right, No matter where school happens, and all and amazing prices Savon save on staples, I'm mad Bear with traffic on the fives Follow us on Twitter and W E B C traffic. Randy Hollis, which TV meteorologist What's going on? Yeah, Hey there, Tony. Looks like we're enjoying one more day today out there better enjoy before rain comes in on Thursday. Mostly sunny skies. A warm afternoon humidity still not too high the temperature topping out right around 88. Partly cloudy overnight now will become more human or low temperature of 72. Mostly cloudy with scattered Mainly afternoon. Showers and thunderstorms. Tomorrow side champs right around 80 degrees Friday. Mostly cloudy, still chance for a few showers. Guys up around 78 that's the matter this weekend here, Tony It's not gonna rain all weekend long. But both Saturday and Sunday a few scattered showers and thunderstorms and high star in the weekend on Lee into the upper seventies. It's running about five or seven degrees below normal for this time of the year. That is Randy Alice of Wish TV, admitting himself below normal 65 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. I love that joke just worked very, very well. The time right now is 606 Thiss hour on 93. WNBC Power by Pierce Jewelers, Carmel's family owned diamond engagement Ring store. Virus takes itself Christine Kendal market This caramel big thing there with.

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