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Hey, buck sexton. Here we are in the height of an election season that will determine the future of the country. Are you going to listen to WHO can you trust? Who could have thought that when people told, Democrats, they had to treat Wisconsin like battleground they would take it quite so literally. iheartradio is number one for podcast, and it's easy to see why listen to the buck sexton show on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome to today's edition of the rush limbaugh show podcast. So Ladies and gentlemen how many times have you heard me say how many times have I said? That the news. That will affect the election. Hasn't happened yet. Every time they issued a poll, the past six months and don't pay any attention to it doesn't mean anything. The event steadily affect the election haven't happened yet. Anybody. WanNa. Dispute Man..

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