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We're kind of on football right here, steps up to 12 conference has joined with the Big 10 Conference in canceling nonconference games for the upcoming football season. That means Arizona State Games against Northern Arizona. UNLV and B. Why you will not happen issue will open the Pac 12 schedule on September 26th at USC. Arizona's games against Hawaii, Portland State and Texas tag have been dropped. The Wildcats will open the Pac 12 season September 12th at home. Against Stanford will freak over 19. Testing extends where it's needed. Most first come first served. Testing will continue at South Mountain Community College. For those meeting testing in an area where there isn't much into August 7th. We will be having testing from next to be to make Friday. Aaliyah Pinto August 7, founder of the Heroes Ona Foundation, Alan AP, Powell explains why they picked South Phoenix. We're testing there because we like to serve the underserved all you need to bring in Did I, d and probably some patients as they expect results. After 10 days. We vet our news, Suzanne's mayor, Regina Romero, tells there's gators and chat. She is frustrated with governor deuces. Lack of action in the fight against Kobe 19 she says. Pema County needs help our I C u Bed capacity fluctuate between six. And 23 in a county of a 1,000,000 people on Sunday, July 5th, There were no eyes you beds available. This is my frustration, The Pima County Medical Examiner will begin using extra capacity in its morgue for hospitals, funeral homes and mortuaries to store human remains and a startling claim from Phoenix Mayor Kate Diego this morning on MSNBC. Maricopa County, which is our County public health agency, just announced that they're going to be getting refrigerated trucks because the Abruzzo healthcare system has run out of money. Beds that Brazo Health denies this in a statement today are abroad, so says they've activated their emergency plan and have asked for refrigerated storage in the event of a surge of Kobe 19 patients. But they say at this point it's not needed. Bar owners across the state have come together to file a lawsuit against Governor Ducey following his order to shut down bars due to the pandemic. Christian Brinson now is live the newsroom with more on that, Becky. Thank you. The court filing is with the state Supreme Court. Arizona State University law professor Ellen Woman is representing the bar owners and contends the authority for laws comes from the Legislature. Governor. You have the legislative power. You have the police power do whatever you want, and that statute is unconstitutional, and if the statute is unconstitutional, then the executive orders that were issued under it are also unconstitutional. Jim's that were also shut down by the governor filed a lawsuit in court and lost with a ruling in favor of the governor Live in the newsroom. Jim Brinson our news before classrooms can reopen in the Corona virus crisis, state health services director care. Chris tells our Mike Broom head she wants to see positive test results dropped 10% in each school community. However, if we are on a steady decline and areas are showing reduced transmission within the community reduce cases. Well, maybe an indicator that it would be safe to go back. Dr. Cristo also announced a new saliva test for covert 19 That's launching tomorrow at auction pavilion. You Khun visit ese health dot gov slash testing If you'd like to register to get a test, the state hopes to issue more than 100,000 saliva tests by the end of the month, and the test results should come back in three days. By those seven Let's check on the roads again. Still got that roll over and it is causing some trouble. Here's detour Dan in the Valley Chevy dealers, Traffic Center. Yeah, There's not a lot to go around. But there is definitely trouble on the 101 westbound near seventh Street. This is a rollover crash looked very serious. When now the firetruck and tow trucks have arrived. Now, three of the four lanes available are now all blocked in this construction zone with no emergency length on ly the H O V lane on the far left is getting vice. That's what I recommend. But again the ride times climbing 37 minute ride now, just like that, from Frank would write Boulevard West 75th Avenue and growing will keep you posted. This travel report is brought to you by people's mortgage interest rates are near historic lows Reach out People's mortgage company Today, a local lender in the valley for Over 20.

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