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Remember, the other the girl? A cutie. But. By are bigger than her waist. It's the most unfair thing will it could be very simple. Mark said. Doc, you're a man if you wanna be a woman get rid of the man jumped up the good start, you're still not biologically. But it's one step closer. Requires the cycling goes. You should not be able to get on a bike kick stand. If you already have your own kitsch fan between your late. That's the rule if you have your own kicks fan. You can't get on a bicycle with a Vancouver already have one. For that little Blondie goals. I probably give her a hundred bucks for bicycle. That was a couple other things that caught my I'll make it quick other callers. Royal in California. Three point five billion dollars. Given the California. Twenty nine million was given to them by the US DOT. Now, they were able to cancel that are not going to get that. But the two point five billion if they got from the federal railroad administration Gavin Newsom had governor. And far as I remember, the only thing good thing. He did was have sex with Kimberly Kilfoyle who is married to for a while. He's not giving the money back. Well, how can you keep it money? It was given to them as a grant for the high speed rail and the project was abandoned. And here's the reason why I was. Had to scrap the project because it was too expensive and was gonna take too long to build from Los Angeles to San Francisco. See are you listening to expensive high-speed rail only what we wanna miles whatever it is. It was gonna cost estimated cost us thirty five billion. And they figured it out. The cost was really gonna be seventy seven billion now. Try to imagine a high speed rail from New York to California if across seventy seven billion dollars off hundred miles. Yup. Or better yet? How about a New York to Paris? You know, how about that? Yeah. Right with us. Yeah. How great would it be to be on electric train going across the ocean? During a storm out great would that be? How how does this woman? Go hold her place in carpet. Why does she have to resign phone? Oh. I keep hearing that we only need to enforce the border at the ports of entry. Because that's where most of the drugs come through in quantity. Okay. Obviously, you can sit more drugs on a hidden compartment a truck any kind of backpack. But while that's from the old days. Here's what I saw a picture. Two milligrams offensive to kill somebody. Thirty grams of heroin to kill somebody. They showed a picture of what to grams offense. No looks like they had plenty. And it looked like less than a pinch of granules next to that penny. Penny eclipsed the. If you're smuggling sentinel, a backpack said a backpack withhold enough Centeno kill a hundred thousand people. So these people talking about well, you know, the people coming. And of course, this story of the greatest. Years was. Low-life bottom on the left have been slamming people slamming people slamming people rally finally slammed the wrong guy, six zero mix salmon route himself, a good lawyer Lynnwood from Atlanta. To be a firecracker in the courthouse. Who'd walking opponent for one hundred fifty million. But that's only beginning. Two or three months? We're going to see large numbers of lawsuits being filed against anybody who slammed this. Guys Malloy is fired up about this. And he say he's gonna hit them all on the pocket books to Hollywood phonies, all the celebrities. Somebody said they should punch faith. I forget who that was. But he said he's really going to go after that person. Because. A little bit like that this kid. There and smile. Didn't do anything wrong. And God bless him. Finally, these scumbag on the left with their with their small remarks and fake news and everything. They'll find me. Learn a lesson. It have been the pocket book. But. I guess that's about all. I got. We'll talk later. They have a good weekend. Thanks for checking in ranger. It is eighteen bears to the our get back to your calls. Just ahead toll free lines available. It's eight eight eight eight six zero eighty-seven eighty-five. Forget it NHRA update here on America's trucking network. The.

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