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I'm a woman your same age who has a twenty collection much of the Disney and Marvel as I believe these toys represent the mythology of our and our children's generations I was raised on the stories of the Old Testament but no the Disney the superhero stories much more vividly in fact she writes if you ask me what is the story of Passover I can tell you to watch prince of Egypt Disney may not always be politically correct but we know those stories far better for better or worse I think for better that's what robin in Truckee says robin thank you I hope the snow is okay for you up there in Truckee now let me give you one that I love and this was not only the one of the biggest hits of Disney but it was not only a movie it was a stage play listen to the lion king hi not much to talk it makes no worries hi as in program he it's how when you the problem that's right sample why when he was a young one hello.

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