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So for us it was, you know we had a lot of early adopters, very positive feedback and stuff, but it was something that was a little bit of a moving target early on. I would say now the last few years. Quite refined, we haven't done a whole lot of change in just. Little things to try to improve things for customers. Anyway. So yeah, that's some of the history and. Well Nathan was doing that stuff. I was kind of. Scouring around at. Different. PLACES TRYING TO FI- impacts. and I was leaning towards. A couple of external frame packs as my best option with some sort of bag strapped onto right I did some modifications of packs. Of changed out framing and some of the common packs and will Nathan was doing more consistent walking with load I was. Thrown on heavy packs as well and walking around the neighborhood and my spare time And we were. Coming to the conclusion coming to very similar conclusions of what worked for us in a lot of that stuff. Even even early on of the concepts are still things that maybe we talk about. A bit like when Nathan was talks about in the video of load distribution. In a few years ago I took our panel loader pack. To, start looking loads everywhere and doing hikes and seeing what? I thought about. Adding, seventy five pilots here versus seventy five pounds here. But we've also done things where we've offloaded unlike front weights and stuff as well. and the effects of center of gravity at like if you can twenty pounds on the front of your body, it's kind of like taking twenty pounds off the back is your center gravity. So say you one hundred pounds you have kind of a lean forward. That makes it harder on your hips. It's GonNa Tyrod your hips, GonNa Tyrod your muscles. Because you're not used to walk in that way. But if you put twenty pounds and front it helps even at out in you end up with a carriage that is more like if you had sixty pounds, which is far easier on your body, even though you still have a hundred pounds differently an image humane. When you'd say twenty pounds in front you're saying hanging. For most people listening may appear really big binoculars in or something off kind of. The front shoulder straps a harness on your chest. Little almost like little meet bags or something that you can put tenderloins and back strap and we that was actually an idea that we. Ought about for a while. because I do think it would help with your distribution. Would I mean I did a pack out. On a day that it snowed sixteen inches. And I was in I was the full sixteen inches. So we really was like a blizzard and tried to get the animal out. Before it was buried in the snow ride and one before the area would be no longer accessible even..

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