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And then you feel like, you know, you still have that connection because he is something happened. When you win the Cup with somebody. You always smile is always something you look back to and you remember the days on new stood there and and rights to come together. So even argue about a contract with Joe or whatever it is. It's got things can be kinda funny. Mentioned a second ago you played with an edge. And anyone that watched you play hockey knows that you know, at your time. One of if not perhaps the best power forward in the game was Peter Forsberg from Sweden. It's one thing to be physical without the park. We've seen that separate the man from the park run at a guy separate the man from the park. But the one thing that always impressed me about you is how physical you were when you had the puck on your stick players. Always talk about the Peter Forsberg cold shoulder, you have the puck and through that little bump back move. And you you knock off the the four checker trying to get the puck off of you was that always something that was part of your game growing up that type of physicality not without the park. But even with the park on your stick really it ought I grew up. I was very small didn't have really have the physical ability to run the people. I think it happened. When I was seventeen eighteen I started growing a lot. I like four times a day. And I think that got the physical element to just a. That move hitting when you have the puck and the little sneaky, you know, I in the world juniors and Sweden actually goes rushing guy. And he absolutely murdered me. But if they like that I'm like, what did he do that work? So I actually I stole that from a Russian, dude. I don't think he even knew he lost his stick. And I think that's why is trying to hit me before. So I think it's just came up with that movie afterwards. But I see a lot of people try to do it now. And you know, I think I was I was very sneaky with it. You have to be sneaking. So you have to pretend. Nobody's you're not looking annoys common, and you could hit him. That's when it works. But but it definitely a love the coat hurt. Joe set that Pete it in relive only try to run people with didn't have the puck. He was trying to run people when he had the puck. Minnesota's gonna funny. Funny thing. But but but back to you know, clog when I plan to Claude you know, it didn't matter what did on the ice. You know, everybody hated club more than me. So was going after him could do whatever I want the ice. So it worked out. But when I came in the league to I've got to play, Chris, I'm the big boys over Nolan, so I think I got into league maybe lose too easy 'cause nobody would touch me. I was just got to do whatever. I wanna I was like no nobody's gonna hurt me. So and then my plaid we've caught and Valerie I think nobody could actually catch. I think we're pretty decent line there. And we didn't really get into the much Cisco. It was just we were use good and oils played in defensive zone and internet time to battled that much. I think you know, two games with Detroit. But on that, I think we try to stay away from the really bad stuff. Well, I mean, the thing is it was such a different league, then and you know, I'm just wondering the two of you guys. There's one player now who said to me he said that it's almost easier on your body because the physicality. In the playoffs against tuned up. And they're certain rivalries are tough. But they sentence in some ways it's easier on your body than it was when the two of you guys played would you agree or disagree with that? I would agree with that. Actually. I think it's it's more headache. You know mean concussions him and did a little faster. But just overall, I think..

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