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But excellency clemson losing to another team. So i will say the big twelve twist. The big twelve has the best chance of being left out. Padilla food require oklahoma to probably lose a couple of games. Yeah look i. I think just for what clint said. i'm not saying oregon is gonna escape through the you know. The rest of the season undefeated but oregon plays at ucla That i don't think they have to defeated feed it. They'd cushion the. That's why i think right now. My feeling is. There's a better chance for the pac twelve and there will be for the big twelve. I could be totally blown up soon. But that's that's what. I'll throw out there you. I'm actually gonna say the big ten Because ohio state to me they lost that cushion the other day and if they lose another game they're probably out and i'm still not sure there's somebody else in the big ten that's more playoff-caliber than them and we talked with eilon here. We got very excited about iowa in the wake of that I was state win and then a couple of days. I'm looking at it going ha. They haven't done anything offense in the first two games. It's been all defense and turnovers. And so they gotta go. Gotta go to iowa around halloween. And they have penn state at home. They have a tricky one after camp next week where they play. Colorado state your rams so I dunno i look at. I would think they could. I do think i could be a playoff team. They could be in ohio. State still could be as well But you know for all the reasons you said like i still think. Oklahoma has a playoff run in them. Clemson just it's hard They could happen but there's not many teams that scheduling invasion than losing to ohio. State does have an easy stretch coming up here. But if that defense doesn't get better they probably are gonna lose another game. So maybe someone in. They're not expecting them to from speaking of ohio state from patrick wider got or wieder from lancaster pennsylvania. Love the podcast on the great work. You to do how much along leashes ryan day give kerry combs at ohio state. The last two years have been below the standards expected at ohio state. Somebody asked me in the written male bacterial. I think he's gonna make it through the season as defensive coordinator. What do you think. I'm not so sure he will like. There is a guy on that staff who was basically defensive coordinator. Not entitled matt barnes when All the stuff was going on with the tragedy of the jordan. Mcnair death at m- at maryland. Matt barnes really was kind of the de facto. Defense coordinator did a pretty good job there. he's got more of a role now at ohio state was hired. I think as a special teams coordinator. It wouldn't surprise me. My barnes ended up being much more hands on with what they do. Defensively a we talked about this. I mean they were just in over their heads. Their players look totally lost I don't think ryan day's gonna gonna ride with that that much longer. If it doesn't get fixed rind as pretty blunt about it at his press conference this week that it's been a pattern now and basically opened up the possibility of just about anything. Other than firing kerry cones that there might be changing responsibilities and whatnot but yeah. We'll see i think You know i would. You would think if you wanted to make that move or thought that move is going to be necessary. You go ahead and make it now Rather than waiting and seeing if maybe another disaster happens at some point but definitely. I can't frankly i think maybe since mike stoops's oklahoma have can. I remember coordinator getting this much criticism. I mean he's just like across the board man this guy's doing a terrible job Can i say towards to blow pollini point good point. That was just last year with that. Can we end on this question. From james and raleigh. Hey stew and bruce as an nc state fan. I don't know how i should feel about the tenure of dave doran. It seems as though he has these games whereas teams just fall on their face. This year at happened to be in week. Two dorna's improve the talent at nc state. There is no doubt he's arguably the best coach in program history however i cannot help but think he has hit the ceiling at nc state and might be to time to move on. Am i wrong in thinking that. This is an interesting questions to on gave. Doran is one of the 'nigma of of all time coke. First of all this line. He is arguably the best coach in program history. How is that possible. How could dave dorn. Be the best i know. Nc state isn't alabama. I feel like chuck amato had a better run at nc state. I mean when when he at least they had philip rivers and they were. They had one top ten He went eleven and three in two thousand two. They were relevant. I mean i feel like they were on big. Espn games all the time. Nc state football hasn't been relevant. Frankly the entire time. He's been there like nobody. You name one big win as he stay. Football had now. They've had winning records. They have put people in the nfl but it just it just has always felt very empty. It's not like they have some signature win over clemson or somebody else. I knew they were gonna lose mississippi state. 'cause that's the kind of guy that's never the kind of games that they win. So is he hit a ceiling guests. He has hit a ceiling. What's amazing to me. I never realized this until this morning. This program is never finished in the top. Ten ever like i. I didn't realize that loophole tatham eleven. I think chuck amato had them. Chuck amato had them Twelve i'm sorry. So but they've never finished higher than that. I mean he's done a really good job with developing talent. I mean they have a lot of really good players who've come through there. It's just not really been able to get it much further than that went on here. I looked up vinci's coaches and given his statement about the best coach helped. I thought i was going to come on here. And see dave doran had like six fifty. Winning percentage five thirty three about the same as tom. O'brien before him. Lower than chuck amato. They've actually lower than dick sheridan. They finished in the top twenty zero times. There were twenty three in two thousand seventeen. I might have been one of those years when tennessee came sniffing around Degraded coach and nc state history by a country miles earl edwards who won five acc championships between nineteen fifty. Four and nineteen seventy. I'm sorry. I don't mean to keep piling on Sherwani met well with that statement. Long story short. It seems like person. I both agree that Nc state could do better than they're doing now as always. You can send your emails to the ottawa pod. Gmail.com enjoy the game this weekend. Auburn penn state Florida alabama asu. Byu's under the radar one and cincinnati. Indiana and more. We'll see next time..

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