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Can't you can't get away with those HOV lane violation span. You can't do it. I'm telling you gotta be. I'm gonna guy looks real. We doesn't look terrible. The look real little. Wow. I mean, it's a good job by the police officer ever was to identify that. I know what the pain you're going through James Brit. I understand it. You wanna get in that HOV lane? But you've got to follow the rules, man. I'm telling you you got to follow the rules. Luckily, when I drive it's out of their restriction area. So what time right? Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. So I go in and out of there is a single passenger no matter what a by the way, a big thanks to our update guy. Mike McCann Mike McKenzie about us last week. And he got to say Star Wars about the bobblehead tonight. Like, we have bobbleheads in the studio. It's going to do anything to it. I'm gonna do it come on. I know you to see. I think that's a good one to put it back on the shelf behind you. That's a good one there. That's a really good one. That's that's a teammate though. That's a good guy. That's the guy was thinking about our show who am I can't. No, Mike McCann is a very very good guy. He is such a nice man that Mike McCann. This is this is this is one of the best. I'm sorry CBS sports over here you go. This is one of the best look at bobblehead faces I've ever seen like that is great detail. They have their on the body doesn't fit the no I mean, well that kind of does. Oh, bigger. Okay. But it's they gave him a flattering one. Yeah. They did have the Mets give it away their OBI wan kanobi Robertson Cano Star Wars one yet. I don't think they've given away that one they gave away the Jacob degrom Cy Young. I would wait until after the game to give that one out the OBI wan kanobi originally to throw the head out onto the field. If he doesn't start hitting go. I'm surprised Mike didn't want this themselves. I think you've got I think he got two of them. I mean is thinking about our show we got to you have a bunch of them behind you. We do watch boomer one. We've got to see her one. We've got a judge one. We got Sam darnold USC one. I don't know where they Cal quarterback one. I gotta find me in my office somewhere. But, but yeah, we got a collection. There you go. Are we are bobblehead Kosor source? So what happened was Sean every we're still trying to get the all you apparently got a little bit difficult to give. So that's why haven't brought it up yet. So when comes back, and if he's got it, then we will we will play until then we'll go out to my hometown. And talk to Mark who's in bellport, what's happening market morning. Good morning count an ally. I'm doing great, Mark. What do you got force? Great. I got two things. Okay. First of all can't we just take out of the starting rotation. It's you know, it's hard on these players. I think when you get almost guaranteed law. That's number one. And number two. Unfortunately, I love Mickey. But like you said before, you know, in these current baseball days it comes down to the manager though. I think you know, don't give up on onto that don't do. They gotta dig a big to be competitive. But my question to both of you are is that since everyone thinks that already. Well, not come to. If you had a choice who do you think that catalyst started around manage? It could be it's hard to say. Bailable in the middle of the season. And that's the other problem. Here's the thing after this trip to San Diego. Okay. The Mets then play Nath called us in to remind us of this. And this is maybe you have to wait until you get through this next kind of grouping of games because after San Diego comes three against Miami three at Washington three at Miami. And then Ford home at washing against Washington and Ford home against Detroit. So that will take us from may temp all the way to may twenty weekend right until but right? Bright prior to playing four at L A the dodgers. Yup. In washington. Spend Tara, I really will know pretty quickly. From the middle of may, whether or not this thing is going to take hold like did last year or whether or not they're gonna come out of it and wake up and start hitting the baseball and getting themselves back in the win column because this last ten days or so offense has just been brutal. Brutal. I mean, we're celebrating the fact that Noah Syndergaard toy shut out and hit a home run any one you might have to do that again today. Yeah. I know. And as far as Vargas goes, we've got gotta give him credit at least for turn it around for the most part. Then he ended up getting hurt when they needed him. The most. Bullpen was spent but he had pitched well prior to that been he'd been like about the they'll give you five innings for eighty five ninety pitches. And then get out of there either with the lead or somewhat tied or whatever that's what he was giving you before we get to the show on Avery audio. Let's go to Lawrence Belmar. What's going on Lawrence? Hey, guys. Thanks for taking my call. Yes, sir. I would like to propose a buzzer. No buzz situation. Those nobody's we love buzzer. Nobody's go ahead. Or no buzz. Valerie should be back. Pretty soon. No buzz right now. I don't think Banco we haven't seen him. That's the thing. You idea what to expect? Yeah. No buzz all star player, maybe about we need them. We can move some people around. Yeah. I agree. Then you hopefully, you don't see Todd Frazier at that point for me. It's no buzz because he's been not persona non grata since he joined the team. He was like he's been hurt since the second that he ought to you. So I there any buzz around it all and it's jed Lowrie. It's not like, it's Christian yelich, no buzz. No. I would I would say, no buzz. All right. So we had Sean Avery in studio with us last week showing re the former New York ranger who is in an tag likes to ride his bike around the city. What he does not like we're gonna build. He's. Yeah. Right. Just like us. So he doesn't like what people park in the bike lane. And he doesn't just keep it to himself. He goes up to these people, and he lets them know that he's upset about them being in the bike lane. So the one he posted about a half hour ago. It's just perfect. We had to bleep it out. But we still wanted to share with you. So the visual him riding down the bike lane. He runs into a box truck and this interaction happens..

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