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Talk about losing my terror. I mean, there is no more submissive position than being on bottom in that one. Yeah. In the words of the immortal Paris Hilton, that's hot. You were in a movie with her. Yes, I did. Yeah, you guys never banged or were you ever close? No, we were close. I mean, friendly during the movie and before that in New York and stuff like that. But yeah, I never, you know, there was a minute at the premiere party night where I was like, sorry. Also on the card is blood diamond. His nickname, his name is blood, is his name. Blood diamond. Which is crazy. I mean, you name your kid blood diamonds gotta be a fighter, right? He's supposed to be like a kickboxer. And he's fighting Ariane koske. But yeah, the whole car is pretty freaked out. So it says his name here is Mike diamond, which I believe is the smell good plumber. And have you heard of that? Mike diamond the smell did plumber. You've never heard of Mike diamond, the smell good plumber? That's his hall marketing campaign is his plumber's smell good. Did we just see Don is Don fry about the tea bags right here on camera? Is that? Yes, I am. I'm getting ready to, yeah. Yeah, that's what I thought. I was like, hey, good close up, look right there. I'm about to show you this. I don't think it's smell good. So today jamiah says he declined the title shot instead to fight an atheist. Which is crazy. If you have a title shot take it, right? It depends on what it pays, I guess. If you're getting pay per view points and Diaz pays more than obviously, I don't know, I don't know, I guess maybe some people like to watch what's his name fight but I don't. Know who's a 170 chance. I can't remember. Usman? Yeah, those are man. And I just, I don't know, unless he's fighting Colby comedy and I have no interest in ever watching him fight. Like it's just boring, man. I mean, I think he's amazing. I love watching him fight. Especially if it's against what's his face. You know, Colby, Colby, thank you, Colby Covington. Did you really? Yeah, but I said, I only have interest in watching flight Colby, those fights are amazing, but I don't like to watch them fight really anybody else. Sorry, then I just agreed with you. Yes, that's right. So Dan, looking down, trying to find the fight right here. Thank you. But Dan Hardy a guy that I used to train with, great guy. He says, he says that he thinks that you I'm serious. How long have you tried with Dana? What is this? 6 months? Did you really? And wrestling. He's my wrestling partner. If you look at his doctor's documentary or he says, I was his coach when he fought GSP as wrestling coach, which I wasn't as coach. I was a training partner, but yeah, is that why he lost? He pretty much explained why he got dominated. 50 to 45, everything on time. Okay, prepare with you. But he said it, I swear. All right, so he says that someone should be pressing charges for the jamia fight. Because it's going to be such a fucking one sided beatdown. Oh. Is he trying to motivate somebody? That's what that sounds like. So hold on. I think it's going to be close to people think Diaz usually is never in a one sided fight. You know what I mean? He hangs in there, man, but I think he'll lose, but I think he can take it to a decision. So do you think they'll stay on the feet? I think he's going to wrestlers from Ivan. He'll have him on the ground anytime he wants to keep him there, man. Right, and that's why I think they're saying it because I think he takes it down pretty early and I think that'll be the end of the fight. I mean, I agree, I hate to agree with Dan Hardy, but I don't think it'll take, I mean, once it gets him on the ground, I don't know that Diaz is going to be able to get back up because it's not the kind of fighter he is. Not that he can't fight nothing he's not a black belt in jiu-jitsu. I know all that business. But just that's not the fighting style. He goes in there wanting to do? You know? I think people are going to be surprised at how much bigger my business he has once they're in there. I think it's actually going to be shocking to see him because jemima is really big for one 79 DS is pretty small for one 70, so. There you go. Yeah, I hope. Man, this is one of those things. I'm going to be going with my like who I want to win. It would be a great imagine if Diaz not come out how funny that would be. I would be laughing for days, man. That would be the funniest thing ever. I tell you what if he's going to knock him out, he's going to do it early. Yeah. Let him get you to the ground. He's got a fucking punch him up early. And you know what? Once he starts punching him up, the first thing he's going to do is try and take him to the ground. So I mean, he's got, I mean, he's going to knock him out. It's got to be fast. He's not going to have a lot of chances at that. We'll hope. It'd be great. All right, so there's a video. I'll play. I can't find it. I'm Dan Hardy saying that I was his wrestling. Oh, who cares? Anyway, so Don. Was it right after his fight with GSP? Like, what do you want? Adam hunter is my wrestling though. What do you expect? Was that when he said it or was it before going in? It was actually during the fight. It was while he was getting taken down. Yeah, it was my coach. What do you want from me? Is like my wrestling coach is a comedian, no wonder my wrestling's a joke. Dude, I couldn't believe it. His wrestling, but he would go with the best guys every time. He would always go with the best black belt and he was when he was with white belt. He had no ego about him. And his striking was insane. But his wrestling was like, he had no wrestling. Hold on. He's fixing his hair. Got it. Can you hear it? No. All right, hold on. It's a show called what went down, right? Yeah, that's right. You guys are dicks, man. This is like my one claim to fame. Dude, my wife didn't believe it either. When I told her, I'm like, hey, he mentioned me on a thing. She's like, what? Why were you his wrestling? I'm like, dude, my wife's things that I want to race or something. She's like, oh, you want to race in high school. I was like, I was a four time anyway. He was so, what was I talking about? Yeah, so Dan Hardy, he says, to my abs says, by the way, tells skinny boy Nate Diaz to show up. I'm going to show who's the real gangster. He says he's the real gangster. I don't know. I think they're both gangsters. They just move different products. One is Chechen, I think gangster.

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