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As at a clumsy obviously with the secondary that you have some guys trayvon molin is making strides but they're gonna need more as they have some guys mark fields mark fields and aj terrell are also guys coming back they're going to need to set it up sees this season they have some true freshman coming in as well that could be getting their chance to show all during fall practice mario goodrich and collared mc michael always names that we could be hearing in the future here up in the nfl as well or even during play on saturdays daytoday make him place yeah so clemson and two dominant teams but two teams that have really focused on their front seven which is i mean plate line play offs aligned even slime play in college is paramount paramount in the nfl to really if you look at it's really interesting looking just games if you just watched the office of line in deacons vine you can almost tell who is going to be winning a who should win at least sometimes there's fluky stuff that happens but with the defensive line off its dominance if you're domino of the ball you're gonna have a good chance to win that game you're dominates if you're lying these bows out of the ball in defense than you are going to blow somebody out likely because people to do much all right at oklahoma state linebackers are obviously you've had a good little good little crop of linebackers come out of there with at least pass rushing linebackers like joey bosa and his brother but.

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