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Make it more palatable weight limit in the nfl you ever think the league may say lifted we care have guys with three twenty three thirty in each other fifty play the game anymore now i think it'll stay i mean it it's alley of make it to a safer he still collided heads the 250 a 230 can be can cause but now i think they right now the set the trend is beefy guy that you're right you're the guarded play to 60 in in his seventies what would he be now linebacker mom my god tony i'm looking i have a lot of the old giant games on radio defensive back set a and your with dick lynch played at like one seventy or one eight i may be guy of quarterbacks under two hundred pounds is no big deal yeah now you know you coming out of college you are running back five nine 185 young man on there i hate me one final thing i know time is short question for you ponder there the paper giant don't make the playoffs this year oh came from bed othiel skilled doesn't get any stole the on antics you dinesh so make the playoffs they traded him at the end of the year maybe the afc for a good star receiver of a couple of picks what do you think yeah i mean i move him now because all your while i i'm this you know if it is going to be a if this if the three you know and leading the division and he's acting like a dog on the field that's it what a character he's so funny yeah all in three and you're doing that it's like you're going to be distracted is that no matter what are it is it's always going to be about you and i know you a great quote in a wide receiver but the i also think you take his gloves also want to how good he really is but that that's another thing but i i think you could get stuff for him somebody will take more off your hands because i i don't think he fits with the mariners i mean you have a meal yelm a have a meeting with the mayors and he's still don't get it it's like through the united check you want to you want to be on a big cheque but you don't seem to understand what.

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