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Give President elect Biden the keys to Security Cove. It and other critical briefings. A trouble pointed G s official delayed that Sign off until Michigan certified the Joe Biden had won this state. The president continues to file and lose court fights to overturn other state results. The GSC administrator Emily Murphy, says she made the decision to certify based on recent developments in state certifications and legal rulings, and one of those certifications was today in Michigan, the state's board of canvassers. Taking public comments before voting three in favor. One abstaining. I was the time to certify that count and approve the selection of the electors. The failure to do your duty will embarrass and discredit our state. It sometimes feels like officials are attempting to tear up my ballot right in front of me. Mr Bynes lead over Mr Trump was by more than 150,000 votes. A string of losses for the president in the key states of Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected five lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign aimed it invalidating thousands of ballots, The court said. No allegations of fraud or illegality came up. And while sometimes the outer envelope was in complete, the judges said those technical violations do not warrant the wholesale disenfranchisement of thousands of Pennsylvania voters. ABC is Aaron Carter Ski Recount of voting machines in Georgia that was requested by the Trump campaign can begin tomorrow morning, and it must be completed by December. 2nd. The National Guard has arrived in El Paso, Texas. Help in the grim task of moving those who died of covert 19 out of hospitals and a three week pause will begin tomorrow in Nevada. You're listening to ABC News. Stay.

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