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Do what we're doing or do you think this is crazy. Yeah i think that first and foremost catt sadler is a great hope. She was she has guest hosted the show with us. It's very scary to see someone like that who has been vaccinated. Who can still get. Kovic is obviously very sick and jura scrambles talk about how sick she is. So there's questions about the efficacy of the vaccine. Top everything right now I think everyone should get vaccinated. We've been all saying this is different. Political opinions are everyone on the show believes in the vaccine and believe that we should get vaccinated. I don't know what the answers to these problems are because it's not just republicans when you get into statistics about demographics to not being vaccinated. It's actually just really intellectually dishonest to put all the blame on the shoulders of republicans. There's lots of demographics that are vaccine has a tent for a lot of different reasons and we need to be reaching out to people in lots of different ways. I'm going to say again. I don't think the white house is doing a good job reaching out to republicans. Don't i've offered my help. They haven't accepted it. They don't care they need. They need to find some republican. That's good enough to help them with outreach. I just wanted to say one more thing. There are a lot of different ways to die of covid this year with statistics just came out that the drug overdose in the country rose by thirty percent. In twenty twenty this is the highest reported ever of opioid overdoses. Ever in the history of the united states of america. Almost one hundred thousand people died of drug overdoses this year and people are blaming everything from isolation depression lockdown to doctors over prescribing opioids which obviously exacerbates problems with trust between americans and the medical community. My mother was a bad opioid addicts. When i was growing up she is now. Thank god sober and clean and You know living a great life and she did not relapse during the pandemic. But i have two friends who went to rehab during the pandemic i have been a part of war interventions in the past year than in my entire life. This is a very very serious problem. In this country. That i think should be treated with the same seriousness that we are treating people not getting vaccinated people who are feeling like they have no other options in life. Other than to take opioids and to god forbid Abuse it and lose their life one hundred one hundred thousand americans. Extra on top died of this this year and this is something that the white house and americans and the medical community should be focusing on as well. Well the one thing. I can say that. I know megan as that you know this is the opioid abuse is a big subject and it is a big subject being discussed everywhere and so i. I love that your mom has come through. And she's spoken about it from time to time his very own. It's it's not very. yeah no yes. Yeah so we'll go and come right back..

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