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No you were asking a question. Use your phone. You just didn't know you guys are just dumbfounded at how he could have missed all these. There's an thirteen. We might want to clear some. Can people live reviews. And we're not reading them and killing. It and by tickled pink. Great show may the pandemic lockdown enjoyable great host. Mark has a good vibe. West and west has the trolley. Kelly wildcard thing going pete and bill. So he's making our mark with the my biggest heating. Bill keep a contentious. What a blend have a great fucking that read that last week. We didn't know senator soft. Jack's next one dang man this is from gilly kill. Twelve dang man. Third time's the charm. Fantastic podcast and the only way to cheat on the news that an avid listener for about eight months and haven't looked back great way to start the morning. Have a great fucking day boy. That's that's gfd. Because right have a great fucking day won't go through. Could johnson next only way to cheat on the news from jerry thirty two but following the heart factor boys just over five months now after recommendation from a buddy and this is truthfully the only way i can consume the news. I get up in the news years ago. Do the explicit multiple sworn in mark. Mayfield real quick today. The notes from last it takes ten days for them to refresh. That's that's that's that's because the date was wrong for me. It says september ninth reviews but it takes like five days for apple is like more hardcore reviewer than west actually. So here's what i'm gonna do. I mean apple's the first line defense. He's i'm going to do i'm going to go back. I'll leave good notes for what i did this week. And then i'm gonna ask us to do what he did last week. And we'll go back and we'll make sure that they're all gonna get. I did last week or in the notes from last week. I pasted them pictures. Nc could've just looked those. Oh interesting yet My i usually do my numbered in the anyway doesn't matter let's keep voicemails and reviews i state of california friday so i'll hear his next week and i decided like i need to stop using as much and because by using the word dadgum thinking someone so i i'm using the work dadgum guy latin said. No he said the other thing. But that's referring to voice from last week from a listener who pious listener who applies listener. Who does all the ged's and i thought. I'm not just going to let. Colin hammered home on a member of the hive. But i do want his job to get across to. The debt gamma throwback. We didn't agree that dadgum. It is appropriate replacement guy's gonna start saying dadgum it mark especially since it's your favorite. Were look no no like i said. I'm going to try to limit it a little bit. But no i'm not gonna completely replace god damn it too late too much work. Did you need to go there. Mark you swirl. That's for you missing. Seven reviews art..

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