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And that's the one thing that was lacking from my life so no but he did so. He built that part of my life. It's not about money immaterial items. It's who he is inside. What that part of him adding value to my life was that intimacy was that loving my girls also that he he had no claim to but they where he's so? I'm you material. They did you do but most females go to bed. NFL pick with makeup for alleged look good in general don't get involved but I'm GonNa be Rhythm Generalizing Nail House building. Something good probably more so if you're saying you want a guy that ain't j. do things that are not financially driven. That's living guys dumping so the death but a lot of females caught up because they don't WanNa put department so identify the feeling that the man has is to build up talking to accountable and the standard which you're not willing to address a hell now the of the situation because yes we all start out looking for about you think male or female because I heard saying look great your night then the world is not. GonNa Cheat US like our first. That'd be real the Clinton twenty five. I'm glad I got daughters eighteen and nineteen my wife. I merge and I got a daughter. That's fourteen fourteen. I'll tell you like life goal race. You see you can survive when I leave 'cause. I'm going to be all at the time of household because I'm not a that. They believe that he's eighty relationship disip man or woman should be inserted way which urged both the no banners no matter how that power we are and how was the port of outback's into the outback. I call it a yellow black power the white bandage give you the unique and and a man of discipline and working on but God damn only make our that I got to deal so how would you really do this. Okay this is this is deep. Speak Okay it okay so let me go back to your point where I think I heard you say that females are looking for their counterpart to feel a certain void wipe they failed to want to restore is if they fail to let not basic point coming into a relationship that if a guy meets your cool but you assault most it's people are so worried about their to consider the other person. I got it. This is this is what I wanna say and this is the author men that are listening who are under the sound of my voice. It does not make it okay okay for you to be the void filler and to have your own voids were issues or whatever you may your they did it is up to you and your responsibility to identify when a woman is not being attentive live to wh-what okay because it's not about a sense of entitlement. I think you're meeting women that have a sense of entitlement just because of the fact she has a vagina that make it okay so our men out there when you when you a young man you encounter a woman who is strictly about receiving the deposit but she's not willing to deposit into the things that you need as a person as a willing participant in the relationship ship. You'll need to exit because this is not about reciprocity. Are you being anonymous in the wild like that because I I call myself a worse age breakdown of a relationship it. We can't relate you need to ship you out the lead anchor days ago so you just you just validated validated everything. I just said if you can't get the words aid and if you can't bring this to the table for me then you need Yeah No. It's the idea about it. They would as bad a coin. If you're not relating to that individual you need to shift Joab Ed Belco hearing something alibaba for Ya as Miss Kitty wouldn't what did you feel about like Elliot's not Thanksgiving old like Hawaiian bream because we saw a I think a lot of females in woman without grandmother with the grandmother went to an Art Bourbon Dad was. I'll never gonNA go do there without believe is our grandparents and our grand. Your grandmother grandfather Dave's septic the role based on the and the key is to accept a role in that be like you're confined or role. You're taking makes you less of a contributor so oh. I'm a I'm a put it out there for the Queen's.

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