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Recorded from an earlier live broadcast good morning beautiful people it is Friday April twenty fourth the morning after the first round of the twenty twenty NFL draft we can't thank the humans that watched our draft super special AJ hawk myself all the boys from last night we enjoyed the hell out of it the biggest moment of the night it was a relatively boring draft to be honest with you there wasn't a lot of trades there wasn't a lot of moves there's a lot of offense of linemen taken surveys like that's a smart move maybe a wide receiver was taken before another wide receiver that was kind of confusing Jerry Jones shows up in his super yacht makes a good decision there was really nothing going on kind of getting bored with it and then the Green Bay Packers they trade up from pick number thirty shortly after being in the NFC championship game shortly after being one game away from being at the Super Bowl they trade up from thirty to twenty six to draft not another weapon for Aaron Rodgers not a defensive player to stop the team from potentially running another hundred eighty six yards before contact like what happened in our last game that they played instead they draft Aaron Rodgers successor when Erin still has four years left on his contract this was a mind blower this was a mind boggling this makes absolutely no sense to anybody who has a brain box I actually loved it gave us something to talk about and we have a Die Hard Packers fan in this room who lost his mind last night and I think he is a direct representative of the entire Packers faithful we'll talk about that we'll talk about all the B. S. that was happening with to a potentially falling he goes to the Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins at a big first round last night Justin Herbert friend of the show ends up with the Los Angeles Chargers is he the only quarterback that should be new the Los Angeles Chargers franchise this morning while I was driving to work I was kicking around some possible ideas if I was in Rogers what I would try to do if I just bought a house in Malibu and I see that my franchise does not give a damn about my success at all they don't care about us winning us being one game away from the Super Bowl me not having a weapon drafted in the first round for fifteen years if I'm Aaron Rodgers and he won't do this because we have some clips that he told us about how we want to be Green Bay Packer for the rest of his life to that change last night I don't know this is an eerily similar situation to the bread for very Roger situation if you don't look at the facts if you don't look at the stats Brett Farr was teasing retirement L. Rogers was the number one quarterback in that draft class and I think there were like four and twelve or something at one point everything about the bread for Aaron Rodgers situation is no where near similar to this Aaron Rodgers Jordan love situation they were in the NFC championship game last year an error Rogers is that on numerous occasions he wants to play past forty which is for ways of four years away from did you see the Buccaneers draft another quarterback they sent already for two years four years in Rogers still has pledged that the Buccaneers are not we're good we're gonna actually get some protection for the guy did you see the New Orleans Saints last night take a back up quarterback to drew Brees who just signed a two year deal a two year deal after getting hurt last year he signed a two year deal did they draft is backup quarterback of the future no the only people that there was a Green Bay Packers we have to talk about that we have to get Todd's reaction I guess there's some Packers fans on the line that want to give their take that is the story of round one and it just so happened to be about an hour and a half after Aaron Rodgers was talking to us about what could potentially happen for the Packers and how he'll react to it I mean this is a wild time to be alive one day whatever of quarantine without live sports but last night the Green Bay Packers and Hey I know you guys don't got a damn thing to talk about let's change that this draft has been boring everybody's been doing what they're supposed to we're going to come in and for take this whole thing up today's gonna be a good day let's enjoy the hell out of it and Foxy please place objects right.

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