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Punch anybody The next twenty people who say i'm living the dream they're going to get. I hate that. So it's like office space. Select case of the mondays to strangle someone when they say that our yeah for all of humanity as we stop using this dump it. No one life got nothing better to say. Hey hey say nothing at all why that might have been a little hotter too much all right. So let's go into some of these actors. Okay okay i was looking at chris jagger to see what else that he had done which is absolutely nothing and Wasn't doing a lot in this movie. Either he just kind of melted there without shirt on you know. He was listed as i vampire. That really narrows it down. I mean second van pyre and then what did they call matilda space girl the caller space girl. That's her name skirts. It space. Can i just say Henry man seaney. I don't know. I'm sorry if i missed this because googling things while you were talking. But his name is birth. Name is enrico nicola mancini. Nikola guesses hanging said nikola anyway as pretty good i liked that so chris jagger was In a movie called the stud. Oh boy with joan collins god yeah and he i think he just played rock star. Okay as just stuff you don't want to watch The movie one thousand nine hundred seventy nine the bitch. Yeah which also has joan collins. God that's also a rolling stone saw. Oh maybe i think it's just called bitch That's bizzare The bitch also has antonio can't afford. Oh i love that. He was ingrid's father in demons to. Oh the little connection there that ossius dad that she's like trapped in the car. Okay so yeah. We talked about him before. Very interesting. stuff John ratzenberger is also in the home and he may be the titular. Big was in demons to that would be hilarious great. So there's another movie. I wanted to mention here. Nineteen seventy-nine home before midnight and it reads a successful rock lyricist becomes romantically involved with a.

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